Longest Resident Shelter Dog Clings To Her Plush Toy Collection All The Time

The squishy toys made of soft fabric and stuffed with cotton seem appealing to most people, especially young kids. Some even call the plush toys their best friends and refuse to leave them. The main character in this story is one of those plush toy collectors, but she isn’t a kid. She is an adorable black pit bull named Waffle Sizzli.

Waffle was a stray brought to the shelter Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) in November 2022. She was the longest resident at the place by January 2023, and she enjoyed her current life with the staff at RACC. However, nothing can compare to her precious collection of stuffed toys. “She carries them everywhere,” Christie Peters, RACC’s director shared.


The pup first saw the plushies in Peters’ office and fell for them immediately. She then discovered two more stuffies, a frog and a bird, in a neighboring office. “She walked down the hallway to the other office and took stuffies from there,” Peters remembered. “She brought them back to my room so she could have more.”

Waffle placed her collection in her bed so that the toys were under her protection most of the time. Whenever she left her bed, she’d be accompanied by at least one toy. “She takes them outside with her while she goes to the bathroom, and then she brings them back in,” Peters said.


Waffle loved every stuffed toy she came across, but she definitely had her favorites. “Her absolute favorite was a red plush bone,” Peters specified. “The runner-up was the frog, but his legs dangle, and sometimes she’d trip on them. The third in the lineup was the bird — she carried that one around a bunch.”

Though Waffle Sizzli wasn’t an amicable friend of other pups in the shelter, she enjoyed showing off her collection to everyone. “She would walk past the other dogs in their cages with her stuffies,” Peters said. “She was very proud of them.”


The cute pup wanted others to appreciate her toys but not take them from her. “She would bring them to us, but she didn’t want us to take them,” Peters noted. “She just wanted us to admire her with her stuffies, which we did. It was really the Waffle Sizzli show every day, and we were just the participants.”

Finally, the stuffies lover found her forever home after three months at the center. A woman adored her after seeing RACC’s videos of Waffle with her toys on the internet. When Waffle left for the new home, she was gifted all her beloved plushies. “We sent her home with everything that she loved,” Peters said. “Now I get pictures of her with her stuffies in her new house.”


The staff likely feels strange when the shelter is devoid of the toy-loving buddy. Everyone at RACC misses her, but they are all happy for her as she’s now surrounded by warmhearted people and her favorite stuffed toys. “We love her so much,” Peters said, “She’s just the funniest, cutest, sweetest little toy-carrying dog ever.”

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