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Lockwood & Co. Fully Explained: Who Killed Annabel? Who Wanted the Bone Glass? 

Joe Cornish created Lockwood and Co, a teen action-adventure TV show based on Jonathan Stroud’s young-adult book series. Along with other cast members, the series stars Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Heshmati, and Ivanno Jeremiah. The series consists of eight episodes, each lasting approximately 35 – 50 minutes. The firm of Lockwood & Co. Season 1 ends just as Anthony Lockwood is about to reveal what he’s hiding behind the mysterious door upstairs. So, what’s the story behind the door?


#1. What is Lockwood & Co. about?

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Lockwood & Co. is based on the best-selling YA series by British author Jonthan Stroud and adapted by writer/director/cult genre fave Joe Cornish. The show takes place in a version of London that has been overrun by deadly ghosts for over half a century. While technological progress has largely stalled, paranormal research has spiked in the ensuing decades. A legendary pioneer in ghost-hunting named Marissa Fittes (Amanda Abbingdon) figured out how to classify these apparitions and how best to fight back. As it happens, some youths are marked by the ability to “see” or “listen” to ghosts. It’s a “talent” that lasts until early adulthood, meaning that teenagers are the world’s front line of protection against ghosts that can murder with a touch.

#2. Lockwood & Co. Ending Explained: What’s the connection between the Golden Blade and Lockwood? 

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As Lockwood mentions to George and Lucy later, the Golden Blade probably had something to do with his parents’ death. He mentioned how their deaths were insignificant, so clearly, he knows more than he’s letting on. And considering he’s working with Penelope (but not Fittes Agency), there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The second have of Lockwood & Co.‘s first season follows the gang as they compete with a rival team from Fittes to track down the stolen relic known as the “Bone Glass.” Because George accidentally got a glimpse at the Bone Glass mirror, he becomes obsessed or “mesmerized” by the object.

Over the course of several life-threatening missions, the team put together that the Bone Glass was created by Victorian occultist Edmund Bickerstaff through a series of dastardly ceremonies. Bickerstaff was eventually killed by Mary Dulac, a woman who was used by Bickerstaff and his cult to look at “eternity” through the glass. In her diary, she describes how the experience affected her and how she buried Bickerstaff with the Bone Glass in the iron coffin the team was initially called out to secure in Episode 4.

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While Lockwood and Lucy put their lives in danger by sneaking into the Fittes library and a Black Market auction, George develops a friendship with the cemetery’s head researcher, Pamela Joplin. Ms. Joplin had, in fact, been manipulating the entire situation. She arranged for the exhumation of the iron coffin and then hired relic men to steal it for her. When one, Carver, betrayed her by selling it to Black Market king Winkman (Ben Crompton), she kills him. Lockwood and Lucy manage to steal the Bone Glass at an auction where the Golden Blade tries to procure it…for (we later learn) Penelope Fittes and the mysterious harp organization.

Angry with Lockwood and Lucy, George brings the Bone Glass to Ms. Joplin rather than the authorities, as planned. She then leads him to a cemetery ceremony where she plans to use George and his “talent” to look into the Bone Glass’s mirror. Lucy is able to track them down with the assistance of the Whispering Skull, a Type Three ghost and former acolyte of Bickerstaff. Lucy arrives just in time to save George by posing as a more “talented” seer.

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However, Lucy uses the Whispering Skull to look at the Bone Glass. What the ghost sees, disturbs even him. He tells Lucy that something is wrong and the Bone Glass is not a conduit to the eternal, but a trap holding souls. George destroys the Bone Glass to save Lucy. Ms. Joplin goes to the cracked Bone Glass and becomes consumed by it; she is destroyed by what she sees.

While this is going on, Lockwood & Co. join forces with the Fittes team to save the day, push back the relic men, and help capture Winkman. The Golden Blade arrives and shoots Lockwood, but not before revealing that Lockwood’s parents’ death was “insignificant,” suggesting that they died because of some secret connected to the “harp” organization.

#3. What does Skull see inside the glass?

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Although Skull is quite excited about the glass and reuniting with his master at long last, when he sees inside the glass, he, unfortunately, sees something that is not the eternal as he had hoped. He tells Lucy that he saw something horrible that is a trap that must be destroyed. The physical toll of being a part of this causes Lucy to pass out.

#3. Who murdered Annabel Ward in Netflix’s Lockwood & Co.?

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Annabel Ward, a rising star, was brutally murdered. After finding Annabel’s body unceremoniously “bricked” behind a chimney, Lucy and Lockwood are left to wonder if they can catch her killer. While Lockwood views the potential tabloid story as a way to raise the agency’s profile, Lucy has a special emotional connection to Annabel’s vengeful ghost.

While the gang initially thinks Annabel was murdered by her lover/co-star Hugo Blake, they realize almost too late that Annabel’s secret lover/killer was in fact the powerful Sir John Fairfax (Nigel Planer).

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After Lockwood did a splashy TV interview about their investigation, Sir John Fairfax sent an employee to break into Lockwood & Co. to track down Annabel’s “source,” aka the engraved ring he gave her. Not only does the ring have the power to summon Annabel’s ghost, but its engraving would point to a paper trail that would incriminate Fairfax.

The group doesn’t realize this until they nearly perish while working for an aristocrat. They initially believe that selling his haunted country home, Combe Carey Hall, will help them with their financial issues. Once they arrive, it becomes apparent that it is a trap. The teenagers are about to be killed by Sir John Fairfax when they run into him while trying to flee. Lucy cunningly poses as giving Annabel’s source away while actually releasing her. Fairfax is killed by Annabel’s ghost, and DEPRAC conceals the incident (also the Department of Psychical Research and Control). Nevertheless, Lucy, Lockwood, and George catch a glimpse of an enigmatic harp symbol that DEPRAC is trying to hide. An additional symbol that appears during the search for the Bone Glass. is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.