Little Italian Red Riding Hood And Her “Big Bad Wolf” Husky Are So Adorable They Raise A Fever In Cyberspace

Cosplaying and costumes have been a viral hobby recently. Moreover, people start to share this joy with their pets. What could be more interesting than cosplaying your favorite fictional characters with your best furry pals?

Source: Travelitaly (photo used for illustration)

In Italy, a little girl named Agata celebrated Carnival in Cortina d’Ampezzo and brought the fairy tale “Red Riding Hood” to life by dressing as Red Riding Hood with her husky Yanuk as wolf-grandma.

Source: internet

The little girl wore a red cloak with a hood and carried a basket of biscuits like Little Red Riding Hood, while the husky was wrapped in a purple scarf and completed the outfit with a pink bonnet and a pair of glasses. Little Red Riding Hood appeared innocent and adorable, while her four-pawed fellow was absolutely into his role.

Source: Zaro Hidehire Studios

The dazzling duo became the most adorable Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf everyone has ever seen. Snapshots of them roaming at the carnival went viral on many platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Source: Zaro Hidehire Studios

Agata and Yanuk have grabbed millions of hearts from all over the planet. Their friendship and charisma were said to make everybody’s day. Their cuteness is so unbearable that some people even envy Agata’s parents for having such a gorgeous daughter and a charming pet.

Source: Zaro Hidehire Studios

We wish Red Riding Hood Agata would always be healthy and happy with her Wolf Yanuk by her side. If you do too, please like and share this furry tale with your family and friends and comment below! Then, jump to our home page, choose some more entertaining topics, and enjoy your moment!