Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast: A Comprehensive List

Searching for the Kaleidoscope Green episode cast Kaleidoscope, Netflix’s first original series of the New Year is an immersive experience in which viewers determine the episode sequence. Kaleidoscope, a crime thriller, does away with episode numbers in favor of episode colors and lets viewers pick their episode order.

Kaleidoscope is an intriguing TV debut that promises a narrative of corruption, greed, loyalty, and betrayals, led by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) and Rufus Sewell (The Pale Horse).

#1. List of Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast

1. The Security Team Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast
Source: Netflix

Corporate security tycoon Roger Salas (played by Rufus Sewell)

Roger, a reformed robber who now works as a top-tier security specialist, is a master manipulator in sales. He is partially loyal, but ultimately, his goals and desires will take precedence.

Protégé: Tati Gabrielle’s Hannah Kim
Hannah is a smart, ambitious, and versatile lady motivated by more than just money. She must use all the tools at her disposal as a chameleon who moves easily between the high-stakes world of banking and the low-lying world of crime.

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Sister Liz Kim (Soojeong Son)
Hannah’s little sister Liz is a free spirit with dreams of becoming a DJ or immersive dance captain. She brings Hannah a lot of delight, yet her carefree nature is at odds with Hannah’s strong work ethic. If they want to win, they’ll need to figure out how to help one another and collaborate effectively.

Henchman Carlos Sujo (Hemky Madera)
Carlos is the head of security for the corporation, and Roger Salas. When Roger needs anything done off the cuff, he goes to Carlos because he knows he will be loyal and give it his all. Although not everyone appreciates Carlos’s efforts on Roger’s behalf, they all know to stay out of his way.

2. Thieves – List of Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast

Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast
List of Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast

(Giancarlo Esposito) Pap, the Mastermind
Person in charge; Leader. Leo has the intelligence and focus of an engineer, as well as an acute sense of detail. He started out as a thief when he was young; later, when he got a second chance to turn his life around, he relapsed and lost everything, including his family and his freedom.

Expert with firearms: Ava Mercer (Paz Vega)
She works as a lawyer daily but is just as comfortable at a shooting range or art exhibit as in the courtroom. Her outward demeanor belies the fact that she is a deeply caring person who would do anything to safeguard her closest friends and family.

“Explosives Expert” Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay)
Judy is the crew’s demolitions expert and a strong, self-reliant individual who uses her intelligence, skill, and humor to avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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Safecracker Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney)
No one should come in Bob’s way when he’s on the prowl since he’s an appealing enough menace and clever enough danger.

Peter Mark Kendall’s Stan Loomis plays The Smuggler.
Stan, a low-level smuggler with a big-time love for the epicurean delights of life, is a man whose mouth never stops going and whose heart is always optimistic. Extremely devoted to the person he loves, he is prepared to give up all he has worked for, even his safety and comfort, if necessary.

Driver RJ Acosta Jr. (Jordan Mendoza)
RJ is an extraordinary driver, technician, and customizer who taught himself engineering independently. His common sense and social skills aren’t as developed as his technical expertise, but his devotion to Leo is unwavering. When he is allowed to join the crew, he eagerly accepts.

3. The Detectives Investigating

Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast
List of Kaleidoscope Green Episode Cast

Driven Agent Nazan Abbasi (Niousha Noor)
The FBI agent Nazan Abassi is the roaring inferno that threatens to burn the gang of thieves down, but only if the flames don’t engulf her first.

Samuel Toby (Bubba Weiler) is the Partnering Agent for the Agency.
Special FBI Agent Samuel Toby is a bit of a boy scout, preferring a strawberry milkshake to a stiff drink like vodka. He has a keen intellect and a personal and professional appreciation for his fellow Agent, Nazan Abbasi. Attracted to her wit and expertise, he works tirelessly to help her find the missing crew. However, he must decide whether he would rather be on the right side of his profession or the right side of justice as he learns Nazan is much too deep into her infatuation.

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