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Jaw-Dropping Photos And Facts Of Pink Manta – The Rarest Creature On Earth

This photographer was going on a freediving trip when he met the most beautiful and infrequent living thing: a pink stingray that was so bright pink that it mesmerized him. He took pictures of this extremely rare individual and posted them on his Instagram account. Can you guess what was coming? Yes, this pink whip ray went viral and became popular in one night.

Source: kristianlainephotography

Wildlife lovers, especially sea-animal experts, always desire to see and check this pink manta ray for itself. However, it and its clan appear to habitat only on the southernmost island of the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia. Many people wish to have a chance to meet this guy, but he is one of the rarest living things on our planet. Thus, look at the photos and read several interesting facts about this creature!

Source: TheGuardian

In 2015, photographer Kristian Laine first spotted an eleven-foot male reef manta ray whose pink skin reminded him of the TV series Pink Panther. Hence, he named it after the bumbling detective in the show, Inspector Clouseau.

Manta Inspector Clouseau was found when cruising the waters around Lady Elliot Island and was the only individual in the clan having a clear and bright pink covering. The unusually colored fish likely suffers no ill effects from its hue.

Source: kristianlainephotography

Reef mantas typically come in three color patterns: All-black, all-white, or black-and-white. They often have a light-colored belly to blend into the sunlit surface, which is a configuration generally thought to offer protection from predators, such as sharks. Therefore, Inspector Clouseau’s atypical color doesn’t impact its survival or vulnerability to predation.

Source: kristianlainephotography

Scientists with the Australian research group Project Manta, who study the rosy ray, have confirmed its color to be real. They took a small skin biopsy from the famous animal to figure out the reason for its color. Their leading theory is that the manta has a genetic mutation in the creation of melanin, or pigment. Nonetheless, they can’t be sure why the marine creature is significantly pink but not any other colors.

Source: kristianlainephotography

Kristian Laine confessed that he was so lucky to discover Inspector Clouseau. Since they first met, he has occasionally dived to take more photos of it and its family. His channel is full of phenomenal images of sea animals, and the rosy manta is inarguably the biggest star in his album.

Source: Amelia Armstrong

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