Is White Noise A True Story? What Is Its Origin?

Is White Noise a true story? White Noise, a Netflix drama film, follows Professor Jack Gladney, his wife Babette, and their three children as they make their way over the 1980s. When an "airborne hazardous event" threatens Jack and Babette's citizens' idyllic city, their lives dramatically turn.
The film then shows what happens following this inexplicable and shocking occurrence, which plants the seeds of mortality anxiety in the Gladneys' brains. Baumbach delves into the period's subtle cultural shifts from a middle-class suburban family perspective.

#1. Is White Noise A True Story?

Is White Noise A True Story Source: Netflix
The "White Noise” events will not be based on any true events. It's based on the best-selling book of the same name by author Don DeLillo. Both the film and the novel are critical looks back at the decade of the 1980s when television and movies in the United States dominated popular culture.
Even though DeLillo's work is based on a fictional story, the author was heavily affected by the period's characteristics, such as the approach to death, when he conceived the novel. Baumbach told Indie Wire that "White Noise" tells how Western civilization "sublimated death into our entertainment" to avoid confronting its mortality and the seriousness of death.
When DeLillo wrote "White Noise, " many turned to television for solace. Dead bodies and other gruesome phenomena, such as bioweapons, became more interesting TV spectacles than shocking real-world disasters. DeLillo told NPR during the book's release time, "I kept turning on the TV news and witnessing hazardous dumps, and it seemed that people perceive these occurrences not as happenings in the real world, but as television – pure entertainment."


Is White Noise A True Story
Like DeLillo, Baumbach endeavors to express the atmosphere of reality, including mortality, that permeates our culture and the society in which we have lived and continue to live. Through Jack and Babette's dread of death after the world forgets about the comparable, Baumbach shows the effect of fictional deaths in entertainment on real life. "By surrounding yourself in death and horror, you're somehow protecting yourself from actual death and pain," the director explained to Indie Wire.
Although it is not based on actual events, the eponymous novel is often seen as visionary. The fictitious airborne hazardous calamity in the story is reminiscent of the real-life Covid-19 epidemic that rocked the world in 1985. Baumbach's experiences partly inspired the film's plot during the epidemic, partly by DeLillo's apocalyptic catastrophe.
The store had no toilet paper, and everyone acted crazy because of the pandemic. "I was thinking of both DeLillo's stores and what we went through," the filmmaker told Vogue. However, Baumbach did not attempt to ground his movie in the present day. He hoped "White Noise" would be just far enough from reality to touch on its equal. I imagine this film to be set in everyday life. The filmmaker claimed in an identical interview with Indie Wire that the film "is near but not totally with its feet on the ground."


Is White Noise A True Story Is White Noise Based On A True Story?
In addition, DeLillo intended his story to be an indictment of the "consume or die" mentality of the American people. In the book, Jack overcomes his dread of death by making a massive grocery store purchase that makes him feel "larger than the numbers."
Baumbach places many pivotal sequences in a local A&P grocery store to illustrate the Jacks' "survival" strategies throughout the 1980s. The novel's critique of academia is another essential component. Jack and his other academics are fixated on trendy and hip topics, excluding more central and related areas of study. By having Jack and his fellow professor Murray Siskind argue about course material, Baumbach deftly incorporates the equal part into his picture.
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