Guy Plots Revenge On His Neighbor Who Sued Him Over His Fence Being 1.5 Inches Over The Line

Laws are set up to solve and prevent conflicts. Still, it is better if small contradictions can clear up by reconciliation. When people drag others to the court, it means someone has crossed the line. Read this story and tell us who you think that “someone” is!

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A man told his situation on the subreddit r/pettyrevenge under his account u/Sospuff. His contractor made a mistake while installing his fence, which resulted in it going 4cm over the property line and his neighbor suing him. The OP thought the neighbor was mean, but he accepted the loss because the law was the law.

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Recently, the OP found out his neighbor had a dog listed as a “dangerous breed” and the neighbor’s fence (1m40, with no base) wasn’t qualified (2m high, with a concrete base). Since the OP had three kids, whom the big dog barked at if seeing, he reported it to the police and wished this could be his perfect revenge on the neighbor.

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The only thing all Redditors commenting below agree on is more updates on the case. Some people cheer the OP and cite that his kids should be protected from the dog. If the neighbor wants to keep his dog, he has to do as the law requires.

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Meanwhile, others point out that OP wasn’t fair for holding a grudge against his neighbor when he had better make the contractor take responsibility. Plus, after knowing his fence surpassed the line, he should have corrected it unless he wanted to save money by hiring a cheap, incompetent contractor. Also, some Redditors used to make the same mistake as the OP and advise that a legit survey service and contractor should be called, even though it costs more.

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Another dog people group is afraid of the dog’s fortune. Because a qualified fence is expensive, they bet the dog will be given up instead.

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Afterward, the OP says he will not withdraw since he’s fed of his neighbor, who always talks about the law. If it’s the case, he will let the law solve everything. Last but not least, he emphasizes that it isn’t about revenge anymore but his kids’ safety.

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