Flame Bowerbird Covered With Sunset Colors Will Amaze You With Stunning Dance Display

Birds never disappoint us with their stunning appearance and beautiful dances. Obviously, an increasing number of people have realized the beauty of this species, and the more they know about birds, the more they adore and admire them.

Today, we’ll introduce you to a bird with a sunset coat – the flame bowerbird. 

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This is the first bowerbird featured by naturalists. With an impressive look, it is considered one of the most brilliant bowerbirds. The flame bowerbird can be found everywhere, from acacia woods, eucalyptus, and rainforests, to the shrublands of Papua New Guinea.

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As its name refers, the bird’s body looks like fire. Its feather coat is so splendid that you can easily spot them among the shrub and plants. The male bird’s top is on a gorgeous crimson-orange hue, paired with the vivid yellow midsection, dark wings, and tail with a yellow end. The female’s color is paler, kind of an olive-brown shade with a light yellow midsection.

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Furthermore, this bird has a cool ability to pause its pupils, which includes the yellow and black parts. These two colors can alternate in dominating its eyes, and surprisingly, the flame bowerbird can do it separately on each of its eyes!

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Though we know this bird feeds on insects and fruits, it’s hard to observe its eating regimen.

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With the splendidly colored coat, the flame bowerbird has an incredible dance performance. The male will show his skills and beauty to attract the female’s attention. After the female chooses her mate, she starts to build a nest from leaves and plant tendrils. This bird only lays one egg at a time, which takes from 19 to 24 days to hatch.

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According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, this species of bowerbird belongs to the low-concern group.

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Let’s have a look at their stunning display in the video below!

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