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Don’t Let Those Cute Wiggly Little Ears Fool You! Watch Hungry Hippos Enjoy Pumpkin Treats

Hippopotamus, often known as the hippo or water horse, is considered the second largest land animal, after the elephant. This amphibian mammal has a barrel-shaped body, short legs, a short tail, and an enormous head, making them look quite funny. Despite their silly appearance, hippos are ferocious animals, and you would surely believe it when looking at their mouth. This species can open a mouth of 2 feet height 150 degrees. Its mouth is one of the largest and strongest on earth, so don’t be surprised if you look at what they do below.

Source: viralhog

Hippos are primarily herbivores, and pumpkin is one of their favorite foods. A clip about a pair of water horses eating this vegetable has gone viral on the internet recently. It was recorded when the hungry hippos in the Toronto Zoo, Canada, were given their snacks. The interesting point is that they didn’t get a piece of pumpkin, but the whole ones was put in their big mouths.

As you may guess, the big pumpkin was just like a piece of cake for the hippos, so they chomped down immediately. In the video, a child constantly urged the animals to open their mouths. Once the hippos saw the tasty snacks in the zoo staff’s hands, they were ready to take the large treats.

Source: viralhog

Many people felt excited when watching the short. One commented: “The way their eyes twitch from the amount of force they need to put out to crush the pumpkins… They’re so adorable when you’re not the pumpkin.”

Another was impressed. “Their bite strength is amazing to see. They don’t chew at first just ramp up the pressure till it’s crushed. Like hydraulics. That’s what 1820 psi looks like in real life. So cool.”

Source: viralhog

A third viewer noted: “Don’t let those cute wiggly little ears fool you.”

“And that’s why you avoid encounters with hippos at all costs,” another concluded.

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