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Do Mal and Alina End Up Together In ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2? Explained

From the beginning, it’s been clear that Mal and Alina are drawn to each other. They have feelings for one another, and at the beginning of Shadow and Bone season 2, they were able to act on those feelings. It’s time to see how the stories come to an end. Do Alina and Mal finally end up together?


#1. Does Mal die in Shadow and Bone season 2?

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Yes but no. Mal does die in Shadow and Bone season 2. However, don’t worry… It’s a temporary death. While a “fake-out” death might be annoying to some viewers, many viewers will also be very happy to know that Mal makes it through. He’s one of the (if not the) best characters!

Upon the discovery that Mal’s connected to the Morozova bloodline and that he’s the Firebird, he and Alina realize he’s destined to die in order for Alina to assume the power of the third amplifier. While they look to avoid Alina having to kill him, Mal gets injured during the battle with The Darkling, forcing Alina to drive a knife in his heart to end his suffering and bring down the fold. After the dust settles, Alina begs Nina (Danielle Galligan), a Heartrender, to bring Mal back. It’s too late. (And also Alina stabbed him in the heart, so, you know, a little trickier to revive.)

Alina uses the forbidden magical power of merzost to bring Mal back to life. However, he has lost his ability to track other amplifiers and no longer feels the “connection” he once shared with Alina. So what does this mean for their romance?

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#2. Who brings Mal back to life in Shadow and Bone season 2?

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While Mal does die for a brief period of time, Alina calls on the help of Nina, a Crow and a heartrender, to revive Mal. Nina stuggles to use her power to bring Mal back, prompting Alina to secretly use merzost to bring him back from the dead. She hadn’t previously used this version of her power before, and she’s well aware of the potential costs.

#3. Do Mal and Alina end up together in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

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No! They do not! In fact, it looks like she’s actually going to enter a political marriage with Nikolai (Patrick Gibson). Once Mal is revived, he expresses a desire to have some alone time. Or at least, he wants to do his own thing and come back to Alina of his own volition and not because destiny demands it.

Mal takes on the mantle of Sturmhold while Nikolai prepares for his coronation as King of Ravka. Mal takes to the sea and skies with Tamar, Tolya, and Inej. We last see them raiding the slavetraders who sold Inej’s brother.

#4. Does The Darkling survive?

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Alina and Mal face off with the Darkling in the heart of the Shadow Fold, near the ruins of the house where Aleksander once experimented with merzost and lost control of it in the first place. Alina finally manages to perform a light-based version of the Darkling’s favorite magical attack—known as the Cut—and deal a damaging blow to her former mentor/potential love interest when he tries to kill Mal and claim his Firebird power for himself.

An injured Darkling begs Alina to join him one last time—after gloating over Mal’s death, probably not the move! —insisting that she needs him because the people of Ravka will never turn on her as long as there is a worse monster lurking in the world for them to fear. (And, to be fair, the Season 2 finale doesn’t entirely disprove this argument, so I’m hoping it’s something we come back to in any potential Season 3.) But Alina rejects him and deals him a fatal blow with the shadow-destroying Neshyener Sword. 

#5. Does Mal lose his Morozova connection after being revived?

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After Alina brings Mal back from the dead, he struggles with being alive after having served his purpose. Based on the prophecy of the three amplifiers, he was destined to die in order for Alina to take on the power of all three. Now that he’s back, and without the thing that seemingly made him special, he feels lost.

Technically, when he comes back to life, Mal does lose his role as the Firebird after Alina uses the amplifier power when she kills him. He might not be the Firebird, but he’s still a descendant of Morozova and in the same bloodline as The Darkling. As he looks to chart a new course post-Firebird, Mal helms the Hummingbird as the new Sturmhond. is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.