Being Annoyed By Dog Brother's Shenanigans, Hilariously Sassy Parrot Decides To Give Him A Piece Of His Mind

Parrots are social birds that blend with other resident animals by imitating their sounds. Gifted by mother nature, a parrot can pronounce short sentences fluently like a person after hearing them a few times. Also, parrots are many bird-pet owners' favorite since they're smart and full of surprises. They can give us an unpredictably mind-blowing story to tell as this parrot Ortis did to his family.

Source: Cater Clips

Brenda Griffiths, a 47-year-old woman from Mississauga, Ontario, took a video of her five-year-old parrot, Otis, an African Grey parrot, telling of her two dogs, Dugan and Murphy. The two canines were barking at something in the background. When dogs bark at strangers, they don't often withdraw until the invaders go away. Brenda's dogs were that type of house guardian.

Source: Cater Clips

Parrot Otis, however, was not so pleased by the barking. Thus, he started to say "Stop it!" every time his doggy bros made a noise. Because he had heard his humans commanding dogs, Otis quickly learned how to deal with their annoying barking.

Source: Cater Clips

Brenda revealed she had bought three-year-old Otis from a breeder and claimed he was a very chatty bird. Besides, her woofing babies always barked at a squirrel in the yard or any activity at the front door. The incident in the video was on more than one occasion. Otis seemed ready to boss his dumb doggy brothers around when they started barking or growling. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but this sassy parrot was absolutely genius.

Source: MarylandZoo (photo used for illustration)

The video clip of Otis the grey parrot showing his canine fellows who wore the pants in the house went viral on the internet and reached more than 6,3 million views on Youtube.
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