After Finding Dog Hair In Dinner, Man Refuses To Visit His Parents Whenever His Sister’s Dog Is There

There are people who are either indifferent to pets or actively dislike having them around. And in one of the r/aita threads, you can decide whether or not the OP u/Fit-Apartment6007 is TA in this circumstance.

Even though everyone but his youngest brother has moved out, his family still goes to Sunday dinners at his parent’s house every Sunday. They had never had pets before, except for his sister, who kept a hamster for nearly a year. The man is not a fan of animals; he despises dogs and considers them to be both ugly and scary. This drove OP to inform his parents that he preferred not to visit when the dog was there, which irritated them.

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His sister recently purchased a dog. For Sunday dinners, she has started taking it over to his parent’s home. She refers to it as her family and cherishes it. The man, in contrast, continues to disregard it and doesn’t think of it as family.

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The dog is generally well-behaved, but occasionally it wanders and enters the kitchen, which he detests. The man first put up with it, but he has now cut back on his visits since he can no longer stand it. The man stopped sitting on the couch because he detests dog hair when the dog wanders around and lands on it. He observed dog fur under the dining room table. When he discovered dog hair in his dinner, that was the final straw.

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He informed his parents that he wouldn’t be coming if the dog was there. He’ll just show up on the weeks when his sister and her dog don’t go, but this hardly happens. His parents are upset with him because he forces them to pick between the dog and him. And because the dog is important to her family and enjoys visiting, his sister is equally furious with him as well.

Under this post, there are many comments expressing disagreement with his negative solution. According to the man’s description, the dog is generally well-behaved and does nothing to make the man dislike his presence other than simply be there.

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And some people assume that because of current social conventions, he won’t prevail in this situation. The majority of people don’t understand this way of thinking. His sister may simply honour his requests by bringing the dog over for visits at a later date and leaving him at home for these dinners.

He shouldn’t feel bad about missing the event if no one is prepared to take into account his feelings. And instead of issuing an ultimatum, the man ought to have attempted to be solution-oriented.

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