Abandoned Pit Bull Smiles At Everyone He Meets Hoping They’ll Adopt Him

Obviously, human often makes snap judgments about other people and species based on their appearance. It’s understandable since that’s how our animal instinct warns us about potential dangers. However, understanding it doesn’t mean our senses are trustworthy. In many cases, we have to get to know others to realize that those who we used to be afraid of are actually friendly and amiable. Similarly, a big and intimidate-looking animal might turn out to be a cinnamon roll.

Let’s meet Donnie, a pit bull that loves to smile at anyone he meets!


Donnie was abandoned in a courtyard in New York and roamed around the area for two days. The 62-pound pup was then brought to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn. Despite his huge size, he’s soon proven that he’s an adorable mushball.


“Some of our biggest dogs are also the biggest, mushiest babies!” Manisha Shah, an ACC volunteer, shared. “It’s so sweet and silly that they don’t realize their own size, or that most people are probably afraid of them!”


Donnie seemed a little shy when he first came to the shelter, but his cheerful disposition was quickly exposed. He started to adapt himself to the new environment and said hi with everyone with a big smile on his face.

“He was a bit on the fearful and nervous side when he came in, which is totally understandable,” Shah said. “It feels extra special, though, when a dog like Donny trusts you.”


Shah is in charge of Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that supports rescue pups at Brooklyn ACC, and she’s made a video about Donnie to attract potential adopters. “When I started petting this big mush-ball, he softly stood up and leaned in while thanking me with lots of kisses,” the post’s caption reads.

See how Donnie hugs and kisses everyone he meets!

Many people are under the impression that pit bulls are dangerous since their looks seem pretty intimidating. Thus, it often takes a while to have someone adopt these lovely guys. According to TIME, pit bulls likely wait for adoption three times longer than other breeds. 


Now Donnie has a good time with a foster mom. Let’s hope this giant boy will find a forever home soon and enjoy the rest of his life with people who love all 62 pounds of him.

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