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Who Is Big Sean Dating Now? Rumor Of Big Sean Cheating

Curious about who is Big Sean are dating now? Congratulations are in order for the expecting parents, who have been identified as the singer and songwriter Jhen√© Aiko, who is engaged to the rapper Big Sean. This will be the couple’s first child together.

The arrival of their firstborn kid has been the subject of much conjecture over the course of the previous several weeks, but neither of the music stars has officially addressed the topic up until this point. If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. Who Is Big Sean Dating Now?

Who Is Big Sean Dating Now
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Big Sean has put an end to all of the rumors and speculation about his personal life by using his Instagram stories over the weekend to express his elation about the prospect of becoming a father for the first time. This has finally put an end to all of the rumors and speculation that have been circulating about his personal life. Also, you may have an interest in Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford’s relationship.

“A very original method for becoming motivated! In a Facebook post, he reportedly conveyed his thankfulness to God by stating, “extremely grateful God continues to bless us, thank you.” Complex reports that this was his expression of gratitude. Later on, he continued by expressing that he “can’t wait to be a Dad,” which he said later on. A spokesman for Aiko has also confirmed the news to People, telling the outlet over the weekend that “the pair are delighted and looking forward to this next chapter.”

#2. A rumor Of Big Sean Cheating

Big Sean Cheating
The connection between the singer known as “Sativa” and the singer known as “O’Ryan” resulted in the birth of Namiko Love, who is now 13 years old. Namiko Love is the outcome of that relationship. When questioned about the impact that having a daughter has had on her life, Aiko provided the following response to Vice Autobiographies: “In 2008, I became pregnant with my daughter. She helped me overcome my anxieties by giving me the confidence to do so. There was never a time when I questioned whether or not something good would come from it. I always had faith that it would. In any event, I found it to be inspiring, and as a result, I now had this added additional motivation.

The two have worked together musically on a number of occasions over the course of their relationship, in addition to the fact that they are together with one another romantically and are in a relationship with one another. Their work together can be heard on a number of tracks and albums, including 2012’s Detroit (“I’m Gonna Be”), 2013’s Hall of Fame (“Beware”), 2015’s Dark Sky Paradise (“I Know”), 2017’s I Decided (“Same Time Pt. 1”), and 2020’s Detroit 2 (“Body Language”), among others. Also, have you seen the hilarious Kim Kardashian Orange Jumpsuit yet?

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