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What Did Kanye Say About Jewish People? Ye Antisemitic Tweet

Curious about what did Kanye say about Jewish people? Below is the comprehensive information! Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has recently utilized his platform to promote antisemitic stereotypes about Jews exercising undue influence and authority. After he decided to wear a “White Lives Matter” shirt at Paris Fashion Week gained widespread attention, on October 6, Ye joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Ye made several unpleasant and conspiratorial comments throughout the interview, many of which did not air on Fox that evening. If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. What Did Kanye Say About Jewish People?

What Did Kanye Say About Jewish People
Source: Twitter

Ye said that by “Jews,” he means “the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people knew as the race Black is [sic],” and that the KKK and Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood “to control the Jew [i.e., Black] population.” He argued that, as a Black man, he is essentially Jewish. Hence it is absurd to label him as antisemitic. He also was banned from Instagram for the same mistake.

Ye also shared with Carlson his suspicion that Jared Kushner was solely motivated by financial gain when he mediated peace deals between Israel and Arab states. Ye also said he regretted not teaching his kids about Hannukah rather than “a convoluted Kwanzaa” because the former would at least “come with some financial engineering.” The next day, Ye confidently declared, “no one can threaten or influence me,” and posted images of text messages on Instagram implying that Jews were using their supposed dominance over his peers in the music industry to scare him. The comment was taken down shortly after being made.

Additionally, Ye said that Jews “toyed with” him and “tried to blackball everyone who opposes their plan.” Ye’s tweet, which threatened violence by alluding to going “death con three on JEWISH PEOPLE,” was deleted. While Ye’s recent history of controversy and antisemitism is hardly surprising, his deadly rhetoric may aid in propagating already prevalent erroneous and antisemitic narratives shared by extreme groups.

Hypocrisy and Jewish Money: That What Ye Mentioned

Ye Antisemitic Tweet
Antisemitic stereotypes about Jews controlling the money and the banks are reinforced by Ye’s assertion that Jared Kushner’s efforts between Israel and Arab nations were motivated by his desire for financial gain. He furthers this misconception with his nebulous notion that a significant Jewish festival is linked to “financial engineering.” In sum, Ye’s remarks concerning Jews, holidays, and the economic consequences lend validity to the false notion that Jews can use their clout in financial institutions for nefarious means. Not only about the things on social media, Ye are going crazy and messing up with people.

#2. Previous Statements & Ties to Known Antisemites – Ye Antisemitic Tweet

What Did Kanye Say About Jewish People
Previous claims by Ye about Jewish power include an accusation from 2013 that Jews have more political connections than Blacks and hence enjoy an unfair edge. The ADL condemned these, but Farrakhan supported them, saying that Ye “told the truth” and “spoke nothing improper.” Ye reportedly made the following statement about Farrakhan telling him not to apologize during a concert shortly after the 2013 scandal. I’m not going to say sorry.

Ye and Farrakhan have previously stated their admiration and backing for one another. Kayne went to Mosque Maryam, the NOI’s headquarters in Chicago, in 2005 to show his support for the Millions More Movement. Ye calls Farrakhan “sensei” in the song “All Day,” released in 2015. Ye also showed up to a Los Angeles event hosted by Farrakhan that same year. After Ye’s political views were criticized in 2018, Farrakhan came to his defense again.

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