5 Unexpected Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On Court

Searching for some celebrities supporting Johnny Depp on the court? Here we go! Throughout the proceedings and in Depp's earlier court action against The Sun, several well-known celebrities have shared their opinions on the relationship, with Heard gaining support from several of her celebrity contemporaries in public.
However, several other people, including his exes Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, as well as actor Javier Bardem and musician Sia, have come forward to express their approval of Johnny Depp. On the eve of the verdict being delivered, Depp was seen hanging out with Sam Fender in Newscastle. Fender, a musician from the United Kingdom, referred to Depp as one of his "heroes" during their time together. If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these websites.

#1. List Of Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On Court

1. Winona Ryder

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Ryder, Depp's ex-partner and co-star in Edward Scissorhands, released a statement defending him. At the same time, he was involved in a case against the British newspaper The Sun for libel after being branded as a "wife abuser" in an article. She continued the concept that he is violent is the furthest thing from the Johnny I knew and loved. It never occurred to him to be violent toward me. Nobody I've ever seen him interact with has ever experienced his violence or abuse. You may also want to know the list of the celebrities supporting Amber Heard.

2. Penélope Cruz - Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On Court

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Penélope Cruz, married to Javier Bardem and co-starred with Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, also filed a deposition in Depp's favor. Depp provided "sweetness, security, and kindness" to her during her pregnancy, recalling their time together on the Pirates of the Caribbean set. I've seen Johnny in various settings, and he's always friendly and helpful to everyone around him. "He is one of the most generous persons I know," she remarked.

3. Sia - Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On Court

Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On CourtSource: Getty Images

The musician Sia tweeted her endorsement of Depp in 2020, saying, "Just giving my public support for Johnny Depp. I'd love for him to clean up and lay off the jewelry, but after hearing those tapes, he is obviously the victim. You may be curious about the Kanye West White Lives Matter thing!

4. Eva Green

Celebrities Supporting Johnny Depp On CourtSource: Getty Images

As Depp faced a defamation trial in the United States, French star Eva Green, with whom he worked on the 2012 film Dark Shadows, posted a photo of themselves on Instagram in his defense. There is no question in my mind that Johnny will come out with his good name and lovely heart disclosed to the world and that life will be better than it has ever been for him and his family, as she put it in the caption.

5. Vanessa Paradis

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Vanessa Paradis, a French singer, and songwriter, and a former lover of Depp's, has signed a letter of support for the actor in his upcoming libel case in the United Kingdom in 2020. I've known Johnny for well over two decades. She wrote, "My partner of 14 years and I raised our two children together. All these years, I've known Johnny to be a gentle, caring, giving, and nonviolent human being and father.
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