11 Funny Behind The Scene Photos From 'Thor Love And Thunder' That Show You What Actually Happened Off Screens

This summer, Thor: Love And Thunder premiered and created a huge trend of the Internet. Its impact remains until today with several memes and iconic moments from the movie. One of those is Chris Hemsworth's iconic backside scene. However, what did actually happen in Thor Love And Thunder BTS? Let's find out in this post with several newly updated BTS footage from Marvel Studios.

#1. Taika Waititi Did Not Only Devote To His Character, Korg, But Also To The Making Of The Film. In Fact, He Is The Chief Director For The Most Recent Thor Movies: Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love And Thunder. He's Actually Zeus.

Source: Marvel Studios

#2. The Tiny Natalie Portman Needed Something To Lift Her Up To Stand Equally To Chris And Tessa Thompson.

Source: Marvel Studios

#3. The Leading Actresses Look Stunning Even Without All The Visual Effects. Their Performance Are Both Remarkable.

Source: Marvel Studios

#4. Say Hi To Rocket! He Seems Much Calmer And Friendlier Off Screens. 

Source: Marvel Studios

#5. The Makeup Artists Had To Spend Long Hours To Transform Christian Bale To Gorr the God Butcher. 

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 356456Source: Marvel Studios

#6. Have You Ever Wondered Whether Real Gods Did Look As Good As Chris Himself? Or Is He A Read Greek God? Or Maybe An Australian God If That Does Exist.

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 3645645Source: Marvel Studios

#7. Some Fun Time From Thor Love And Thunder On Set Photos. They Were Checking Recorded Footage.

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 346456Source: Marvel Studios

#8. Chris Does Work Really Hard, As Hard As Always, To Stay In Good Form. 

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 45456Source: Marvel Studios

#9. This Boat Scene Setting Looks Phenomenal. The Lighting And Tools Were Really Well Made. 

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 34456Source: Marvel Studios

#10. Giant Goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, Also Have To Wear Mask In These Thor Love And Thunder BTS Photos. They Are Funniest Animals in The MCU

Thor Love And Thunder BTS 3456456Source: Marvel Studios

#11. It's All Clear Now. It's Just A CGI-created Backside. 

Source: Marvel Studios

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