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9 On-screen Couples That Are Perfect For Relationship Goals

Undoubtedly, we all love to see a beautiful romance movie with a happily-ever-after ending. Whenever we have a chance to witness a warmhearted relationship, we likely wish to have that passionate love in our life. However, looking at those enviable couples may give people an unrealistic expectation of love.

Let’s browse through some perfect relationships on the screen to see if you’ve ever dreamed about one of them.

#1 Noah And Allie In The Notebook

Even the most compatible couple have fights from time to time. However, their love only becomes stronger after they’ve gone through disagreements. That’s the beautiful romance Noah and Allie in The Notebook show on the screen. 

Source: New Line Ciema

No one could think that Noah, with a father from the lower class, was a suitable match for the daughter of a wealthy family like Allie. In fact, they were different in various aspects, and they kissed as much as they fought. However, after all, their love for each other reconciled every difference and overcame all barriers.

#2 Derek And Sara In Save The Last Dance

The most romantic beginning of a relationship must be a dance. However, it would be a special dance if the pair involve a ballerina and a hip-hop dancer like Sara and Derek in Save the Last Dance.

Source: Paramount Pictures

Because they are totally different, they attract each other by their uniqueness. The two teach one another about the other dancing form and many other important lessons that save their life. 

#3 Will And Ronnie In The Last Song

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Will and Ronnie in The Last Song draw a romantic summer that every high schooler wishes for. The teenagers fall for each other naturally and make the best of their time during that gorgeous summer. Their innocent and lovely romance is filled with lots of laughing, fun dates, and mud fights, making viewers let themselves flow along with all their emotions.

#4 Jack And Rose In Titanic

Source: Paramount Pictures

The objection from family sometimes is what gives a couple opportunity to prove their strong feelings for each other. In the classic love story of Jack and Rose, nothing could get in the way of their love. Their romance makes many people have faith in love at first sight, but viewers probably cry their eyes out because of the sad ending.

#5 Gus And Hazel In The Fault In Our Stars

Not many people could watch The Fault in Our Stars without shedding tears. During that poignant story, the romance between Gus and Hazel shines brightly in the most hopeless and helpless circumstance. 

Source: 20th Century Fox

Apparently, the teens’ relationship is one of the purest on-screen romances. The love of two youngsters with terminal cancer reminds us to appreciate any moment with our beloved ones. 

#6 Westley And Buttercup In The Princess Bride

Nothing is more romantic than the story of a man heading to the sea, fighting a skilled swordsman, a giant, and a thief to rescue his lover. That’s exactly what Westley goes through in the deadly journey to find Buttercup.

Source: 20th Century Fox

This iconic romance makes the audience wish their significant others would care for them as much as the characters in the movie. The couple’s chemistry is what all people want to have eternal love.

#7 Jake And Melaine In Sweet Home Alabama

It’s satisfying to see a perfect couple belong to each other eventually after a long rocky journey. That’s why the audience of Sweet Home Alabama feels released when Melaine figures out she is walking down the aisle toward the wrong man.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

The romance between Melaine and Jake makes us dream of a sweet home with true love. All viewers are definitely moved at the scene where Jake asks, “what do you want to marry me for anyhow?,” and Melanie answers, “so I can kiss you anytime I want.”

#8 Emma And Adele In Blue Is The Warmest Colour

When we fall in love for the first time, we tend to believe it’s gonna last a lifetime. That’s also what happens to Emma and Adele in the coming-of-age film Blue is the Warmest Colour. Everyone watching this story can’t help but root for this lovely couple.

Source: Wild Bunch

This romance touches viewers’ hearts and sets the bar very high for their relationships. Though life never turns out as they expect, there’s nothing wrong with keeping beautiful dreams for themselves.

#9 Han Solo And Princess Leia In Star Wars

What do you think if your crush says “I know” after hearing your confession? If he says that with the demeanor of Han Solo in Star Wars, he probably loves you too.

Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Without a doubt, the romance between Han and Leia is the absolute goal of many couples. They have gone through myriad challenges, and it just touches our souls when seeing Han love his princess just because of who she is.

Which is your favorite couple? Do you have any romantic goals that you wish you could reach? Let’s share your thoughts with us in the comment below!