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Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars: How’s It Going?

If you’ve been binge-watching Bling Empire season three, you may be surprised by Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars 2021. Whether you watched it and want a reminder of how she did, or you completely missed the memo, this is exactly how Christine Chiu’s stint on Dancing With The Stars went.

In the fourth episode of the third season of Bling Empire, Christine’s husband, Dr. Chiu, tells her that she has been given a spot in the competition while he is doing some cosmetic work on her. Dr. Chiu is doing the cosmetic procedure. After that, we quickly looked at her practicing with her professional dance partner Pasha Pashkov as she got ready for her first dance performance. So, how did she do overall on Dancing With the Stars? If you want to catch up with more entertainment news, access these websites.

#1. The Seasons Of Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars

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Alongside Mel C, YouTuber and Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa, and Olympic gymnast Suni Lee, Christine appeared on season 30 of the legendary dancing show. Christine’s best score came from the Paso Doble, which she danced with her partner Pasha. Together, the two of them earned a total of 28 points. Also, you may want to see the list of the best movies of all time.

#2. How Did Christine Chiu Do?

Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars
Because she was the second celebrity to be kicked off, her time on the show was cut short, but she still had a good time. She and Pasha kicked off the show in week three, on “Britney Spear Night,” because their Paso Doble to “Stronger” by Britney ranked seventh on the leaderboard. Their routine scored the highest, with a total of 28 points; unfortunately, it was not enough to keep them running for the championship. However, it is safe to say that she can dance circles around us!

Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars Elimination

Christine Chiu Dancing With The Stars
After they had left, Christine went on Instagram to talk about what the event had meant to her. While sharing a slideshow of some of her most memorable experiences, she remarked, “Wow. The previous two weeks have been nothing short of a frenzy. This procedure has bolstered my self-assurance and shown me that I can do some remarkable feats when I set my mind to it. Here are some websites for you to update movie news.

“I want to thank @pashapashkov for always encouraging me in the practice room and on the dance floor. Thank you so much to @dancingabc for providing me with this great chance, and more importantly, thank you very much to everyone who posted, texted, and voted online. Your assistance has been of the utmost importance to me.”
After that, she continued, saying, “To my fellow dancers of DWTS30, Baby G and I will be supporting you from his playroom.” One of the most enjoyable aspects of this process has been re-watching the episodes with him so that he can see how much fun I’m having while making them. I am certain that I have brought him joy. XOXO, Christine.”

Fans can still see Christine in all of her glitz and glamor in the most recent season of Bling Empire, even though her dancing career may have struck a bump in the road.

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