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10 Times Actors Showed Off Their Real-Life Skills In Movies

In movies, actors can be any type of person and can do anything. They can be warriors with eye-catching fighting performances or musicians that can play instruments proficiently. Even some actors can run, jump, swim, ride or even fly, but many audiences believe that they are using movie magic or taking advantage of stunt actors.

Yes, actors using stunts or tricks is not out of ordinary in order to make scenes that are unreal and thrill the viewers. Be that as it may, not all the time actors act, they sometimes apply their real-life skills to the scene. Mandy Patinkin is a trained fencer and that’s easy for him to nail the fence-fighting scene in The Princess Bride. Or Dustin Hoffman is actually a pianist and he really made his own melody in Last Chance Harvey.

There are many other actors who really perform their special skills in movies and made a stunning scene with just the breeze. In this post, we highlight 10 memorable times that actors show off their real talent in movie scenes. In the end, you will actually admire them, so keep scrolling down to check them out.

#1 Jack Nicholson’s use of an ax to break down the door in The Shining was not his first.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

The scene in The Shining where Nicholson smashes through the door is considered to be one of the most recognizable in horror film history, and it leaves a little too real feel.

That’s because he used to be a volunteer firefighter.

Source: Meme Maker

As a former fire marshal, Nicholson found it rather simple to knock down a door with an ax. And the rest of us found it to be rather spine-chilling.

#2 Lance Henriksen can do that knife trick proficiently

Source: IMDb | Aliens via IMDb

Henriksen’s character performs the famous “knife game” technique, when he stabs a knife through Bill Paxton’s fingers on a table, in another iconic scene, this time from the film Aliens.

And he was really doing it at the moment.

Source: Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Certainly, they sped it up in post-production to give it a little more stakes appearance, but nothing about it was fake. Even when he unintentionally caught Paxton’s finger during a reshoot.

#3 Sebastian Stan’s mother language is Romanian

Source: Giphy | Disney+

Sebastian Stan was born in Romania, so this certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you already knew that. Even so, you could have assumed that he wouldn’t have much opportunity to use his home tongue in films.

He did it well in Captain America: Civil War.

Source: Giphy | Disney+

The movie includes a scene in Bucharest where Bucky Barnes, played by Stan, purchases some plums in excellent Romanian. Such a small yet great addition to the film!

#4 Keanu Reeves was a hockey star before acting.

Source: Giphy |

Given that Reeves is Canadian, it’s hardly unexpected that he began playing hockey at a young age. And he was supposedly rather excellent at it. However, he preferred acting.

His hockey skills, on the other hand, aided him in landing his big break.

Source: Unsplash | Chris Liverani

Reeves was cast as a goaltender in the film Youngblood, echoing the job he held in real life. A star was born from there!

#5 Steve McQueen devised the motorbike pursuit scenario in The Great Escape.

Source: Giphy |

Many elements define the 1960s classic, but the thrilling motorcycle chase is one of the most unforgettable moments. And it appears to have been McQueen’s idea.

And he knew his way around a motorcycle.

Source: Unsplash | Harley-Davidson

At one point in his life, Steve McQueen was a motorbike racer. He executed practically all of the stunts in the film himself, because why not?

#6 Bill Murray really did strike out three times in a row for Kingpin.

Source: Giphy | IFC

When Bill Murray’s character earns a turkey during a bowling battle, the audience erupts. And what we’re witnessing isn’t a result of editing; it’s real!

And the crowd’s reaction is real, too.

Source: Giphy | LeVar Burton Kids

What’s even more incredible is that Murray did it on the first try! You have to admit, whether it was all skill or a little bit of luck, it’s really incredible.

#7 Mandy Patinkin is a trained fencer!

Source: Giphy |

Patinkin has experience with sword combat prior to that moment in The Princess Bride. He did, in fact, pursue a fencing career while attending Julliard. Who would have believed it would be useful?

Of course, he still trained for the fight.

Source: Giphy | Disney+

To get the moment just right, Patinkin and Cary Elwes spent months in intensive training. It also worked out nicely because it is one of the movie’s more enduring scenes.

#8 Dustin Hoffman is a real pianist.

Source: Unsplash | Geert Pieters

Speaking of Dustin Hoffman, his acting may spring to your mind. However, he really showed his piano skill in Last Chance Harvey without working up a sweat. He actually played that.

Better still, he actually composed the song he plays in the movie.

Source: IMDb | Last Chance Harvey via IMDb

He penned the music, Bette Midler wrote the lyrics, and the two performed it in 1977, nearly three decades before it appeared in the 2008 film.

#9 In The Last of the Mohicans, Daniel Day-Lewis took method acting up a notch.

Source: IMDb | 20th Century Fox via IMDb

Daniel Day-Lewis is known for method acting and going above and beyond for his roles, and the 1992 film is no exception.

In fact, he spent six months living in the wilderness.

Source: Unsplash | Hendrik Cornelissen

He learned to hunt, skin animals, build a canoe, and a variety of other survival skills. He didn’t consume anything throughout that time, and he didn’t kill himself. How dedicated he was!

#10 Tom Holland is a well-seasoned gymnast.

Source: Giphy | Spider-Man

While CGI is used for much of the action in the MCU Spider-Man films, Holland actually performed many of the stunts that Spider-Man pulls off. However, not all of them (for legal reasons).

In fact, he got the position in part because of his ability to perform stunts.

Source: Giphy | Spider-Man

Holland was almost destined to play Peter Parker in the most recent batch of live-action Spider-Man films since he is a gymnast, a dancer, and an actor.