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10 Actors Who Were Forced To Take Roles They Didn’t Wanted

We often hear stories about actors who had to go through years of rejection before making it big in Hollywood. Their vulnerable stories are chosen to make topics during interviews or talk shows. However, we rarely mention stories of Hollywood actors have to take that they hated.

It is true that although the life of an actor can be surrounded by glitz and glamour and definitely beats a mundane 9-to-5 job, it does have its drawbacks. In fact, sometimes actors have to face more rejection than job offers. Even A-listers who seemingly never have to worry about their earnings anymore are obligated to do things they hate. These actors feel absolutely unpleased when they are involved in massive franchises and constant sequels. Whether they want to or not, they are contractually forced to come back to the next part of the movie.

Below are 10 talented actors and the movies they hated being in.

#1 Daniel Craig never wanted to be Bond, James Bond


James Bond is an iconic character that plenty of actors want to portray but Daniel Craig doesn’t. After “Skyfall” came out in 2012, the actor tried to get out of the movie but producers didn’t let him go. He didn’t have a choice, “Well, I was contracted to do another one. That was all set up. But at the studio, there was a real keenness to get it done as soon as possible.”

#2 Shia LaBeouf was stuck for the long haul

Source: Everett Collection

Shia LaBeouf signed a three-movie deal for “Transformers” but after the second movie, his feeling changed. He wasn’t sure where the franchise was going. He prefers the wild stunts but the movie was gone and the characters got lost. His million-dollar salary was a consolation.

#3 Mike Myers agreed due to a lawsuit settlement

Source: Universal Pictures

“The Cat in the Hat” was made a live-action version with Mike Myers as the leading actor. The Canadian actor’s heart was clearly not in the picture. The actor perhaps knew the family comedy was going to be a flop when reading the script but he was obligated to portray the character. Actress Amy Hill depicted Myers as a “horrible, nightmarish experience”.

#4 Val Kilmer begrudgingly signed on for a career-making film

Source: Zimbio

For his role in “Top Gun”, Val Kilmer rose to stardom. But many might not know that the actor was in the movie under duress because he wanted nothing to do with it. His appearance in the movie was part of a three-movie deal he had with Paramount. After two parts, he told the director that he didn’t want the role, but his appeal wasn’t accepted.

#5 Keanu Reeves learned not to trust friends the hard way

Source: Ear of Newt

Sometimes, your friends can be your enemies. Unfortunately, Keanu Reeves was in the case. After his popularity in “The Matrix” series, his friend, Joe Charbanic, who had filmed a tour of Reeve’s band Dogstar, decided to direct “The Watcher”. Although his friend was alleged of forging his name on a contract to be in the serial killer series. Instead of dealing with a legal battle that would cost a lot of money, Reeves appeared in the movie. He did nothing to promote it and couldn’t even talk about it for a year after it was released.

#6 Jessica Alba almost quit acting due to this role

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Due to the three-movie deal she signed, Jessica Alba not only starred in the 2005 “Fantastic Four” movie but turned to the sequel in 2007 “Rise of the Silver Surfer”. Honestly, she hated the role so much that she thought about leaving the acting industry for good.

#7 Emily Blunt was captured by the fine print

Source: IMDb

For her great performance in “The Devil Wears Prada”, Emily Blunt received wide recognition. Because of it, Marvel started eyeing her to portray Black Widow in “Iron Man 2”, but the actress had to star in another movie romance named “Gulliver’s Travels”, according to Fox Studio’s contract. Although the movie was a critical bomb, her career wasn’t hurt too badly.

#8 Natalie Portman stood her ground and got pulled in

Source: Pinterest

Natalie Portman stepped into the MCU as American astrophysicist and Thor love interest Jane Foster. The actress was so happy when hearing that Patty Jenkins would helm the sequel. However, Jenkins later left the project because of creative differences. Although she desired to out of the sequel, she signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel and was contractually forced to appear in “The Dark World”.

#9 Jennifer Garner was obligated because of contract issues

Source: Pinterest

After the success of “Daredevil”, the filmmaker decided to produce a spin-off, which was based on Jennifer Garner’s character, Elektra. She was already under contract and initially felt eager for the idea until she read the script. For her, the movie was so awful.

#10 Marlon Brando protested his involvement all the way through

Source: ohnotheydidn’t

Because of a lawsuit from a producer, Brando was forced to appear in “Desiree”. Although he was a part of the movie, he never took his involvement kindly. He made it a point to forget lines, create havoc between takes, and tossed a football around whenever he could. However, the movie still received positive reviews and was nominated for a few Oscars.