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7 Celebrities Who Really Hated Working With Each Other

Many well-known people become famous because of their acting careers. Even while the tabloids love to focus on feuds between famous people, they can put their differences aside and act like professionals in most cases. Remember that we mentioned “usually” because sometimes the conflicts and personality clashes become too much to bear, and a celebrity will walk out. There will always be that one individual who is either too direct or too harsh, and they will eventually drive you to distraction. Even famous people have to deal with office politics sometimes.

Actors have difficulty preparing for an audition because they rarely know who they’ll be starring alongside in a film. They may get a hint about who they might be reading alongside during the audition process, but they aren’t given the full cast list in advance. It is hoped that casting directors are aware of all the feuds that have occurred in Hollywood in the past so that no two actors be cast together who will spend their time on set bickering instead of working together and learning their lines. You don’t have to become best friends with your co-stars, but you should feel confident that disagreements won’t grow into constant shouting battles.

1. Nick Nolte & Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts is a private A-Lister. Her co-stars rarely criticize her on-set diva behavior in the media. Nick Nolte isn’t her favorite celebrity. Roberts and Nolte worked together on I Love Trouble and didn’t get along. Nolte claimed Roberts is “not a pleasant person; everyone knows that.” The 90s are over, right? In 2009, Roberts told David Letterman about a co-star who threw fits on set. Who’s it?

2. Jamie Foxx & LL Cool J

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Most celebrity feuds are verbal — minor comments during interviews, passive-aggressive press statements, or a full-on public call out of a rival’s worst attributes. Foxx and LL Cool J became physical. They fought on the 1999 set of Any Given Sunday. Actors do that, right? LL Cool J, a method actor, maintained fighting Foxx after the director called cut, throwing unnecessary punches. Assaults were charged. These two professionals can probably be cordial on the red carpet but won’t work together again.

3. Will Smith & Janet Hubert

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Janet Hubert played Aunt Viv in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She had many scenes with young Will Smith, and the family wasn’t happy. Smith accused Hubert of wanting the performance to be all about her, and things became so bad that Hubert left, and Smith hired a new Aunt Viv. We’re interested in what on-set hijinks prompted that reaction.

4. Harrison Ford & Josh Hartnett

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2003’s Hollywood Homicide starred Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett. Ford and Hartnett portrayed cop friends. On set, things were different. They worked together but weren’t friends. They couldn’t even fake getting along during promotional appearances. This one isn’t as bad as actors who fight on-site, but they probably won’t work together again.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes

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DiCaprio and Danes were great together in Romeo and Juliet. Once the cameras stopped, things changed. DiCaprio, who was young then, relished pranks on site, which Danes found infantile. DiCaprio found Danes excessively rigid. As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, they stopped spending time together.

6. Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

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They did date, though. How could they hate? When these two lovebirds filmed The Notebook, no chemistry was left behind. Nick Cassavetes said Gosling asked him to change his female co-star and bring another actress to read off camera since he couldn’t perform with McAdams. While they eventually concluded there were positive and negative fireworks. Between their on-set problems and love history, we bet these two won’t work together soon.

7. Sylvester Stallone & Richard Gere

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Bitter co-stars in a quarrel will often share harsh comments or sarcastic critiques with the media — what better way to hit back at the person aggravating them on set? This example is odd. If you recall, Gere once enjoyed having gerbils up his behind. Just tabloids trying to make headlines, right? Gere thought Stallone invented the story when they feuded on the set of The Lords of Flatbush. Gere has avoided Stallone ever since then.