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Funny Walmart Celebs: 50 Superstar Doppelgängers Completely Blow You Away

The world has nearly eight billion people. It is easy to understand if mother nature runs out of ideas and duplicates several facial outlines. In some urban legends, doppelgängers are popular. There once was a rumor that if a person met someone who looked identical, he (she) might have seen his (her) doppelgänger. What’s more, they gossiped that doppelgängers would try to find a way to replace the original individuals.

Celebrities are not exceptional. Even though celebs are mostly good-looking or have remarkable facial expressions, they do have an “unrelated twin”. After rumors about doppelgängers were proved to be built up for entertainment, people were no more scared of them. Instead, they find amused sharing doppelgänger photos of themselves, especially of their favorite celebs. Then, the super hot subreddit r/WalmartCelebrities was created to store and share famous people’s lookalikes.

The concept that a person looks a lot like another unrelated person is simple yet so fascinating. Check out our selection to see if you can distinguish the imposters from the real ones!

#1. Gabe Loncoln

Source: u/SCBeauty

#2. Iron Deficiency Man

Source: Phailthy

#3. My Friend’s Dad Is Asian Danny Devito

Source: KyronX

#4. How Can I Be Sure?

Source: flyingtacodog

#5. Next Stop, Jurassic Park

Source: Halliday_2000

#6. Vincent Van Stay

Source: gene100001

#7. Ed Sheeran And His Mom Back When He Was A Baby Girl

Source: gene100002

#8. Bus Willis

Source: LostAmiga

#9. I Was Told To Post This Here, But My Dad With Jimmy Fallon’s Wax Figure!

Source: kdblol

#10. Ron Purrlman

Source: r/WalmartCelebrities

#11. 💀

Source: Deaths_Right_Hand

#12. Walmart Obama, Who Actually Works At My Local Walmart

Source: cuedashb

#13. Gary Putin

Source: gene100001

#14. Hannah Lecter

Source: u/MarlonBrandoRules

#15. Kanye East

Source: cpurr3

#16. Dr. Shed, Dr. No House

Source: NastyPotatoes

#17. Morgano Hombrelibre

Source: InserteUsuario

#18. Ghanaian Will Smith


#19. Samantha L. Jackson


#20. Donna Trump

Source: Spookyturds

#21. Acquaintances

Source: deepasf*ckman

#22. Meta Walmart Celeb

Source: J3551684

#23. Mr. Thai Bean

Source: PilsnerDk

#24. I’m Convinced My Brother Was The Model For The Agent From “Bolt” And You Can’t Change My Mind!

Source: CuddlyCory

#25. Michelle Jackson

Source: Perchfield

#26. Budget Brand Harry Potter

Source: gene100001

#27. Jeff Goldblum Stopped My Brother In Lax A Few Years Back After Commenting That They Looked A Lot Alike. He Was Thrilled To Say The Least (:

Source: Kar22

#28. Din Viesel

Source: facelessindividual

#29. Baloney Stark

Source: 21dimitri

#30. Lil Climate Chaynge: Someone said Trippie Redd looks like Greta Thunberg cosplaying Lil Wayne and now I can’t unsee it

Source: @sz1mon

#31. Tryin’ Reynolds

Source: serpentkiller123

#32. Danny Dorito

Source: SureNpFine

#33. Nicole Cage

Source: Unspecial_operations

#34. Juice Willis

Source: br0ken_jack0ff

#35. Shrek’s Human Form

Source: gene100001

#36. Partial Mathers

Source: littlebooger10

#37. Great Value Trump

Source: brentc3

#38. Eliza Wood, Elijah Woodn’t

Source: UpTheRabbitHole123

#39. 25 Cent

Source: Toby_Greenhow

#40. Albert Einstoned

Source: amery516

#41. Danny Burrito


#42. Miguel Johnson

Source: didyoudissmycheese

#43. Austen Flowers. International Woman Of Misery

Source: gatman12

#44. Post-Recession Tony Stark

Source: gene100001

#45. Excuse Me Señor

Source: ImOnRedditMaaan

#46. Flesh

Source: ellosmello

#47. Snoop Doug

Source: _Volta

#48. Tom Bruise

Source: bryce_t89

#49. Nice Try, Carlton

Source: lawlaur

#50. Wolverine From Aliexpress

Source: jakche

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