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Who Is The Hottest Women Cricketer? Top 5 Best Female Cricketers

Searching for the hottest women Cricketer? We here go! It’s no surprise that cricket is a global phenomenon. Cricket for women may not yet have the same level of popularity as cricket for men, but it is growing quickly. The popularity of women’s cricket has risen in recent years, especially since the 2017 World Cup. Cricket is a beautiful sport, and its devotees appreciate it as much as they like it. The world knows the names of some stunning female cricketers. Some of these cricket players are as stunning as any model or actress.

The game of cricket in the modern day has evolved into something far deeper. Thousands of fans today look forward to professional cricketers as style icons. Modern cricketers pay attention to their appearance and public presence. Women cricketers worldwide are stunning and inspire awe in their followers, while today’s male cricketers can pass for fashion models.

#1. Who Is The Hottest Women Cricketer? Top 5 Female Cricketers

1. Ellyse Perry

Hottest Women CricketerSource: Getty Images

The world’s most attractive cricketer is currently in Australian custody. Yes, the blonde lady is 31, and her name is Ellyse Perry. Perry is a young woman of great beauty and talent; she has competed for Australia in both cricket and football. She’s the sport’s youngest female representative for her nation. Throughout the world, people talk about how stunning her grin is. Popular opinion today holds that Ellyse Perry, a cricketer, is the most stunning athlete.

2. Holly Ferling

Hottest Women CricketerSource: Getty Images

The young Australian bowler Holly Ferling is considered to be one of the gorgeous Australian female cricketers. Anyone would be captivated by her tall stature, stunning eyes, and gorgeous hair. The 26-year-old beauty is Australia’s bright young thing. Holy began her professional career in 2013, and her success has increased dramatically. Her stunning good looks made her the world the most sought-after female cricket player. You wish to be in these ten countries with the hottest girl in the world.

3. Sarah Taylor – Hottest Women Cricketer English

Hottest Women CricketerSource: Getty Images

For the English, Sarh Taylor will always be the greatest player ever. She is one of the sexiest female cricket players in the world and a top performer on the field. Sarah has been named the best T20 women’s cricketer two years in a row (2012, 2014). The 2017 World Cup victory was in large part due to her efforts. Regarding physical attractiveness, Sarah is the best female cricketer in England. You may be interested in these sexiest female celebrities.

4. Smriti Mandhana

Source: Getty Images

Pretty Smriti Mandhana, only 26 years old, plays for the Indian women’s national team. Her stunning good looks and devastating hitting impressed spectators inside and outside the arena. So young, and yet she set so many benchmarks. She is the youngest female captain in India and holds the record for the fastest fifty in a Twenty20 match. Smriti was named the best female cricketer in the world by the BCCI in 2018. She is without a peer among Indian female cricketers in terms of beauty. You may also want to see the list of the hottest women soccer players.

5. Kainat Imtiaz – Hottest Women Cricketer 2022

Source: Getty Images

Pakistani cricketer Kainat Imtiaz, age 30 and stunning, bowls quickly and competes for the Pakistani women’s national team. She began her professional career at 28 and made her debut for Pakistan in 2010. Kainat, however, was unable to maintain her high level of performance throughout a prolonged period of service to her country. Kainat is a lovely beauty with refined features. The stunning Kainat leads the Pakistani women’s cricket squad.

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