What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda? 5 Websites Like Bored Panda

What kind of website is Bored Panda? Articles on "lightweight and inoffensive topics" are published on Bored Panda, a website based in Lithuania. Tomas Baniauskas, a business administration student at Vilnius University, started the company in 2009.
There were 41 workers at the facility as of November 2017. Most of its money comes from the ads displayed on the page. According to NewsWhip, in October of 2017, Bored Panda's Facebook page garnered more likes, shares, comments, and responses than any other English-language news website. Bored Panda revealed that they had 116 million unique visitors in that same month.

#1. What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda?

What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda? Source: Bored Panda
Even though Facebook had begun cracking down on attention-grabbing clickbait titles in November 2017, Wired stated that the site had prospered due to the shift, making contentious political news far more successful on the platform. Baniauskas thinks his site's success is because it only has a few in-depth articles and stays away from titles that try to get attention. Evan Griffith, a writer for Wired, said of Bored Panda that it was "a return to when the Internet was less of an addicting, stress-inducing reflection of the horrors of modern life and more of a place to kill time when we were bored."

#2. The 5 Websites Like Bored Panda

1. Viral Nova

What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda?As its name implies, Viral Nova is a source for the latest trending stories around the web. It's not just spreading rapidly; it's spreading like a supernova! Viral Nova is an idea bomb that will wow you with fascination and astonishment just like a nova does when it explodes over the sky. Viral Nova's content is mostly on the latest fashions and fads. It's a roundup of all the latest and greatest from the world wide web. It includes both mundane tales and ones that will keep you glued to the screen. As for the answer, who can say? You could become secretly hooked on reading the tales. You may want to have a list of the best websites to catch up with movie news.

2. Fubiz

What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda?To what extent are you feeling unproductive today? Uninspired? A visit to Fubiz, a gathering spot for creative types, will clear your head and solve that issue once and for all. Fubiz, like the others, is a repository of visual media with an emphasis on art and design. This location is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. The motto, "Daily Dose of Inspiration," comes from the fact that there is constantly the latest information to discover. Dig in! Inspiration is something that can never be had in excess.

3. Amusing Planet

What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda?Look, it's a complete package right here! Incredible settings, lovely individuals, and outlandish occurrences all jammed into one hilarious show. The articles, statistics, and headlines in Amusing Planet are almost too funny to be true. The arts, nature, animals, and even the weirdest things in the world are all quite cool. Here is the list of these best websites to update entertainment news.

4. Trendingbiz.net

In-depth articles like this one collect the most relevant data on topical news and recurring topics. Because of this, you may trust them as a credible resource for the latest news and developments. To help you catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite series, Trendingbiz.net also includes resources for doing just that. Trendingbiz.net is a fantastic resource for anyone in the entertainment industry who want to stay abreast of the latest developments.

5. Inspire First

What Kind Of Website Is Bored Panda?We've been discussing the motivation for quite some time, and I don't think we should stop now. Now, please meet...Inspire First! What an eye-opening name; right there, you can tell it's all about motivation and inspiration. Inspire First is a content aggregator that provides motivation and inspiration for your daily routine. In addition, there are numerous list subheadings to choose from, which makes browsing interesting and gives the impression that the options are practically limitless.
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