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Cute Puppy Can’t Say “No” To Popcorn Snack – Viral Video You Should Watch

We and our canine friends love popcorn because it is a crunchy, salty and buttery snack. This food will make him or her come running and begging to share our popcorn. They even will drop everything they are doing to try and get a bite. If you don’t believe, let’s read this post because that will be proved in the cute clip of Ruby, a mini Golden doodle from Springfield, Missouri.

The dog loves popcorn

As you can see in the video, her humans filmed while they were eating popcorn on the couch. They said that Ruby was easily distracted when it comes to the snack. So, they said out loud “popcorn” to attract Ruby’s attention. They couldn’t stop laughing after seeing her reaction.

“My fiance Sarah and I were relaxing after coming home from our jobs and decided to watch a show together while eating popcorn. Ruby, our mini Golden doodle, enjoys surveying our front yard from the living room window for passer-by’s, squirrels, and birds. She easily loses focus when we start eating popcorn and switches focus between gazing outside and a potential snack. This is a rare, but high value treat for her, as it’s not the healthiest snack for dogs.”

The dog loves popcorn

She pops her head out to check to see if her humans were willing to give her popcorn snack. And of course, it’s hard to resist sharing popcorn snack with her. The owners quickly shared the treat, and they are also happy because they captured the cute scene on video.

The couple posted the video on social media and it quickly went viral. They didn’t expect it would make so many other people smile.

“We are rarely on social media, but I posted the video to share our enjoyment of it and were happy to find so many others found enjoyment and laughter from it as well. We didn’t post it expecting it to go viral and are just happy to know it brings joy to others without knowing us or Ruby.”

Watch the awesome video below.

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h/t: DogHeirs

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