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“Mildly Interesting” But Surprising: 40 Minor Natural Miracles For Your Amusement

Since its creation in 2012, the subreddit r/MildlyInteresting (one of the Mildly networks) has become one of the most popular communities on Reddit. It has over 20 million members, with thousands browsing the sub at any second. Even though those Redditors call their tribute pics mildly, many are lit and metal pictures of Mother Earth. Because mother nature likes getting creative too, humans have the chance to capture unusual yet magnificent natural phenomena around the world.

From an unbelievable desert bloom and frozen windscreen that looks like an award-winning shot of the Everest glacier to incredible flowers and weird-shaped fruits, these are the curiosities of nature people have spotted and shared with others. Especially when we just went through the most petrifying pandemic in the last century, backing our mother nature and treasuring the core value of life can help us cure the mental trauma that still conquers in many countries and regions.

Let’s ease the tired souls with freshwater from minor daily miracles that are randomly blessed! We guarantee they are worth every precious second of your time!

#1. One Of Our Barn Kittens Has Both Stripes And Spots

Source: DGS_Cass3636

#2. I Ran Out Of Gas And Got Stuck In The Windows Screensaver

Source: heithleather

#3. 72 Carat Tourmaline

Source: TheDiceMan2

#4. This Arrow On My Dog Showing Which Way Is Up

Source: jaboc7

#5. The Person Who Lived In My Apartment Before Me Planted Pineapples

Source: Early_Gold_9715

#6. This Little Guy Grabbed An Equally Little Watermelon From My Garden

Source: bes753

#7. I Found A Pink Grasshopper

Source: 42gavin

#8. Today’s Sun Eclipse As Seen At Sunset Resembled A Giant Cat’s Head

Source: New-Baby5471

#9. My Chickens Greeting Me When I Come Home From Work

Source: eagledragonblood

#10. The View In My Airbnb Looks Like A Painting

Source: kooriwi

#11. The Way These Water Droplets Collected On The Edge Of My Strawberry Plant

Source: ThePeoplesCheese

#12. This Bird Landed On My Shirt Today And Fell Asleep

Source: McJellyDonuts

#13. Found A Stone With Dried Seaweed Attached To It

Source: CYBERSson

#14. A Condemned Apartment Complex On My Way To Work Had A Tree Growing Out The Side Of It

Source: nerdyoats

#15. Rainbow On (Behind) The Horizon. Origin Is Behind The Curve

Source: ruleoffz

#16. Saw This Weird Cloud While Running

Source: JVillan

#17. The Sun Reflecting Off My Side Mirror Melted A Mirror-Shaped Hole In The Frost On The Window

Source: stoptye

#18. This Perfect Double Colored Leaf On My Plant

Source: LubaLemon

#19. Beer Where The Label Matches The Location

Source: ecksdee007

#20. This Dead Branch Looks Like A Lion

Source: Fluss01

#21. Came Home Today And Found This Bird On My Balcony Chair Fully Equipped With Nest And Egg

Source: eoc1994

#22. Sunrise In Amsterdam, Same Spot, Same Time, 24h Apart

Source: Shenannegans

#23. Came Across A Dual Colored Tulip Today

Source: Ietsmetdingen

#24. This Giant Blueberry I Found Today

Source: meadilicious

#25. This Slug Drew A Snail

Source: wollowman

#26. My Drain Was Blocked So I Pulled It Up And A Frog Came Out

Source: infinaflip

#27. A Branch I Cut Off Today Had A Little Star In The Center

Source: Nay-the-Cliff

#28. My Bonsai Tree Kinda Looks Like A Gorilla

Source: No_Pollution1836

#29. This Caterpillar Train I Saw At The Park Today

Source: djazzie

#30. There’s A Dried Flower In This 165 Years Old Latin Book I Just Found In Our Attic

Source: yepjeeway

#31. The Result Of A Moose Scratching Its Antlers Against A Tree During Shedding Season

Source: WillyHeeler

#32. My Uncle Found A Huge Puffball Mushroom

Source: SashaShelest

#33. Snapping Turtle Taking A Breath Under Our Dock

Source: jimNB

#34. A Random, Big Ice Diamond By The Road. My Lighter For Scale

Source: Smile_S77

#35. Fossilised Ammonite In Airport Wall Tile

Source: dalithop

#36. Large Hole In A Huge Mountain Near Fernie, Bc

Source: skinissues101

#37. This Plant-Covered Apartment Building In Jyväskylä Finland

Source: DopePingu

#38. My Son And I Walked Past A Washed Up Skull Of A Humpback Whale Today At Ocean Beach In San Francisco

Source: sharkyhunt

#39. I Found A Car In Toronto Overgrown With Plants, On A Busy Street Parked Beside Other Cars

Source: SmoothBrein

#40. Actual Cashews With The Nut On Top In A Brazilian Supermarket

Source: punkrawke

If you feel the pleasant and coolness of this compilation, please let us know by commenting and hitting the like-share button! We are looking forward to your feedback!

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