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17 Incredible Incidents With Delivery Drivers That Have You In Stitches

Do you often order pieces of stuff through online channels? No matter how you answer, you certainly can’t deny the advantages of online purchases. All you need is a smartphone connected to wifi, and you can buy anything without setting foot out of your comfort home.

The rapid growth of online shopping has led to a new popular job: delivery driver. Undoubtedly, these people are all the rage now, and they serve a crucial role in our life. There’s no way you’ve never interacted with one of them before. While in most cases, customers only see the shipper for a few minutes and get their orders without any problems, sometimes it’s not that simple.

Let’s go through 17 hilarious tweets about delivery people below to see how interactions with these guys could turn out!

#1 See Where It Was Left

Source: @_InMayapinion / Twitter

#2 A Sigh Of Relief

Source: @yourfrienddana / Twitter

#3 Supervillain

Source: @sandavidcito/ Twitter

#4 A BeReal Delivery

Source: @bestbereals / Twitter

#5 A Quick Comeback

Source: @champagnemikee / Twitter

#6 When They Don’t Have What You Need

Source: @fuglyd0ll / Twitter

#7 Ordering Over 30 Cheeseburgers

Source: @girldrawsghosts / Twitter

#8 Deserved To Have A Bad Day

Source: @_sarahsnow / Twitter

#9 A Minion Delivery

Source: @itmegreggy / Twitter

#10 Proof Of Delivery

Source: @SarakiJoon / Twitter

#11 What’s Up With TGI Fridays

Source: @decentbirthday / Twitter

#12 Asking For The Address

Source: @sp_cei / Twitter

#13 A Heartfelt Apology

Source: @jennmcallister / Twitter

#14 The Map Will Come Get You

Source: @LucilleKing_ / Twitter

#15 A Thanks For The Patience

Source: @pheenoh / Twitter

#16 He Won’t Leave You

Source: @cornerstcre / Twitter

#17 A Voice Text

Source: @decentbirthday / Twitter

Have you ever been in a similar circumstance? Do you have any interesting experience with delivery guys? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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