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The Best Twenty Responses To “Why Are You Still Single?”

The expectation from society is that after high school, one should enroll in college, find employment that pays well, own a home and car, and maintain a social life. You must be in a relationship in addition to having friends because this is the only way you can start a family and have children.

However, the younger generation is emancipating themselves from these standards, and statistics indicate that more people are making the decision to remain single. Even a research that suggested single women were the happiest group of people went viral.


Source: ThePrimeRibDirective

Best one I’ve heard lately:

“Supply-chain issues.”


Source: Bobbyballs

In France we say, “Mieux vaut être seul que mal accompagné” which means “Better alone than in bad company”.


Source: malachai926

Just lucky, I guess!


Source: AmIbiGuy_420

“Because my goal isn’t to be in a relationship, it’s to be in the *right* relationship.”


Source: anon

My response last time was “How are you *not*?”


Source: FifiLaFifi

Go full on Cher from Clueless: “you see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet!”


Source: Hugh_manateerian

Your mom says she wants no strings attached


Source: generictrashlady

The voices in my head tend to get jealous very easily.


Source: TheNuke

I am single by choice… Their choice but still.


Source: benzguy95

I had one of the groomsmen in the wedding I was in last year ask me that question, after I told him I wasn’t in a rush, his buddy behind him reminded him that he was thrice divorced

Edit: for context I’m 26 M and he was in his late 30’s.


Source: Buleflavoredpickle

Who the f**k are you? Get the hell out of my house!


Source: the_bassist_dumbass

Because you’re taken


Source: anon

Because my dating pool is significantly smaller than yours, Samantha.


Source: Mynop

Because making an album is too much work.


Source: UntilTmrw

I just hate people.


Source: MoguoTheMoogle

“Because I’m not looking for a partner right now.”


Source: JMCatron

When my sister got married, my niece, 17, asked me, “How does it feel to be the only one of your siblings not married?”

I simply replied, “Well, unlike them I have standards.” Her father, my brother, was right there 🙂


Source: rekcuzfpok

„What do you think?“

It’s like the uno reverse card, they asked a potentially uncomfortable question now they gotta answer it themselves.


Source: Chuleta_Frita

Personal choice, are you interested?


Source: mwdh20

I’d rather be single than pretend to be happy in a fake relationship.

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