30 Design Fails Of All Time That Make You Doubt Your Eyes

Have you ever seen a design so terrible that you can't believe it does exist? For example, while walking across a park, you may notice a sign showing an opposite meaning if looked at from a distance or a famous star's image distorted in a package.
You may not believe your eyes when seeing numerous ridiculous planning disasters and appalling product designs. However, for unknown reasons, these insane designs are still created and blow our minds. Let's browse through the disasters below, and you will likely scratch your head while wondering what the freak is on the designers' minds. These 30 Design Fails are hilarious.
Though these pics are unacceptable, they will give you a relaxing moment with lots of laughter hands down! These are Designs That Fail All Time. 

#1 Putting Measurement Labels On A Non-Transparent Bottle

30 Design FailsSource: slothfulllama

#2 Oh Boy, There's Platypus Period In My Tea!

30 Design FailsSource: Solero93

#3 Don't Recognize The Guy Anymore

30 Design FailsSource: Kyraira

#4 I Mean What The F*k Did They Expect?

30 Design FailsSource: imgur

#5 My Four-Legged Duck

30 Design FailsSource: imgur

#6 Parking Fee Just Gotten Real

30 Design FailsSource: KiKenTai

#7 Put Barbed Wire Across The Top Of The Gate. We Don't Want Anyone Climbing Over It

30 Design FailsSource: iiooiooi

#8 Just Why?

30 Design FailsSource: phlofy

#9 The Impossible Quiz

30 Design FailsSource: imgur.com

#10 I Never Imagined The Golden Gate Bridge Was As Bike Friendly As It Is

30 Design FailsSource: Leland_Stamper

#11 The More Legs The Merrier!

Source: zojjan

#12 Urban Planning

Source: LeyendaV

#13 Waterproofed The Wires Boss

Source: JoeinJapan

#14 This Pan's Handle Weighs More Than The Pan Itself

Source: 2isAPrimeNumber

#15 This T-Shirt Design...

Source: PM_me_your_spacegoat

#16 Who Wouldn't Love To Look Like They're About To Shoot Their Dog?

Source: Fandyus

#17 Let's Alphabetically Order The Floor Numbers

Source: CRISPYricePC

#18 What Would You Like To Order?

Source: ThomasCZ

#19 This Clothing Display

Source: Agent_Orange7

#20 When You Want The Bigger Half Of The Pie...

Source: newmanchristopher63

#21 Please Kill Me

Source: Thanatar2

#22 Winnie

Source: pheromonekvlt

#23 Unisex Toilets

Source: selvinkuik

#24 All Ye Shall Come To Me For The Healing Of Burgers

Source: deadpoolyes

#25 One 'Flavor' Really Caught Me Off Guard

Source: Darkwhitehorse

#26 From Afar, This Sign Has A Completely Different Meaning

Source: tannerclary3

#27 Finished That Handicapped Ramp Boss!

Source: silence_hr

#28 I’ve Created A Monster...

Source: chrisjcon

#29 Perfect Together...In Life And Death? Looks Like The Couple Hung Themselves

Source: WeCantStop

#30 Sure Boss, The Bus Has All The Seats In Place

Source: MatteAce

What is the worst fail in this list, in your opinion? If you have any experience with horrible design, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!
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