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25 Times Mothers-In-Law Deserve Recognition As Protagonists In Horror Movies

There are no more traditionally strained relationships than the ones between mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law or sons-in-law. Don’t get us wrong: Some of them are excellent, but the majority are not. Indeed, the character Viola Fields from “Monster-in-Law” didn’t come from nowhere. It comes from a real place, and that place is called The Land of the Nightmare Mother-in-Law.

As a result, many folks have turned to the Internet to share their most frustrating stories about mothers-in-law who just have no chill or even morals. From aggressively trying to control their daughters-in-law and sons-in-law to spreading COVID to their entire family, these mothers-in-law (or MILs) below are the protagonists in horror movies. Don’t believe us? Let’s scroll down and check them out for yourself! We promised that after watching these, you will not only be convinced that they are the villains in movies, but you will also laugh out loud at what they have done.

#1 What an escalation

Source: WCR_Empress

I have a feeling this is just going to get worse

#2 “Didn’t let wildly abusive alcoholic MIL hold our son. She skulked off upstairs to send us lovely texts. We bolted right out the door.”

Source: 6wkspreggers

“Let me call my son gutless while insulting the woman he cares for. That should get me what I want.”

#3 Oh, boy, here we go again…

Source: MrShifu123

She seems a little paranoid to me

#4 Mother-in-law will only eat the muffin tops

Source: psykotic24

Well, top of the Muffin to you!

#5 “My MIL ladies and gentlemen. 2 of her grandkids are gay, including my stepdaughter.”

Source: 1LittleMonkeys

Ah yes, because if we protect gay people, there will be no straight people

#6 “Big Brother is watching you.”

Source: davethurk

“I’m not sure why, but they’re definitely watching you.”

#7 “Insane MIL thinks God gives her the right to ignore our boundaries.”

Source: AerialArria

“God said so!”

#8 My mother-in-law eats one bite of a new banana every morning and leaves the rest on the counter “in case anyone wants one”

Source: Username_Used

Who does this kind of thing?

#9 “My MIL legitimately asked my fiancé to change our wedding date because of his sister’s birthday falling in the same month.”

Source: indirosie

Not happening

#10 “My mother-in-law always adjusts all our hanging pictures when she visits. Always makes them crooked.”

Source: Wonderful_Minute31


#11 Okidokie

Source: fuckthis27

“Do not trust what you read” then I will take your advice and not believe what you have typed here.

#12 My MIL to my spouse

Source: SyracuseBiscuits

Whoa! That escalated quickly

#13 How my future mother-in-law cooks bacon

Source: collegesadboy

Steamed ham

#14 “I present to you a text from my mother-in-law, who saw that her FB looked different after an update and called the police…”

Source: SummerTime1987

They don’t have anything else to deal with, do they?

#15 “The MIL that announced my pregnancy on FB is back.”

Source: Nalas_ofthe_balas

She’s back…and she’s bad

#16 my MIL cut my son’s hair without asking…

Source: Whspers12

“Grandma, do you know Will from Stranger Things?” “Say no more, fam.”

#17 “My mother-in-law always posting stuff like this and then claiming it was an accident. Btw this is in Australia where you can’t take 2 steps without seeing the word Christmas.”

Source: Thealmightyfug

The war on Christmas is back again!

#18 The way my mother-in-law sliced this birthday cake

Source: Cavalier26

This even hurts to look at.

#19 My Mother-in-Law gave us all COVID. Tested positive and never told us

Source: Stricky92

Damn the bite hiders

#20 Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake…

Source: SaltyDogBiscuit

She’s subtle LOL

Do you have any terrible stories about your in-laws? If so, please share some with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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