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30 Of The Worst Kitchen Disasters That Absolutely Have You In Stitches

Do you like cooking? For those born with an aptitude for cooking, being in the kitchen to prepare meals for the family might be the most interesting and meaningful moment. No matter who we are, we always hope to make a tasty dish for our beloved ones, see them enjoy the food, and hear their compliments.

Unfortunately, this prospect is quite out of the question for those not competent in the kitchen. Despite all efforts to learn from recipes in books, on the internet, or from any other sources, along with lots of practice, what they cook is still awful. Don’t be upset if you are one of them, because some others might be even worse than you.

Let’s check out some of the most disastrous fails in the kitchen that you could never imagine! Undoubtedly, these hilarious incidents will definitely make you burst into laughter!

#1 Got Drunk, Got Hungry, Fell Asleep

Source: luxurs

#2 This Is Why I Don’t Cook

Source: Marzz

#3 Oh God, Please Kill Me

Source: brfrozen

#4 Baker Lost Something. Wonder If He Noticed Or Not

Source: MyLoveBox

#5 Monkey Business

Source: Jennifer

#6 Artisan Creates Bold Re-Imagining Of Classic Book Cover

Source: hpquotebot

#7 This Is What Defeat Looks Like

Source: bunnyfood

#8 Meatloaf Baby From Your Nightmares

Source: londonladse

#9 Brownie Out Of A Cup – Level: Hiroshima

Source: hansworschd

#10 We Ran Out Of Cooking Chocolate For The Cake For Mother’s Day, We Improvised, I Felt Like A Monster

Source: ZombifiedBatman

#11 The Snowman Came Out A Little Differently Than Expected

Source: Jakexzz

#12 My Son Refused To Eat It And Said, ‘Why Is The Plane Broken?’

Source: Suzanne,rhodesbread

#13 Nuclear Lunch Detected

Source: AlyoshaV

#14 Spinach Baby

Source: tjcslamdunk

#15 Maybe We Should Buy A Rice Cooker

Source: pandarmour

#16 Sushi Chef Level: Beginner

Source: OyVeyzMeir

#17 A Friend Of Mine Made This. The Eyes Slid Mid-Way Through Cooking The Thing

Source: holyshitilove

#18 So A Friend Of My Girlfriend Made A Cake For Her Daughters Birthday Party. One Of The Kids Started Crying Because It Was So Ugly

Source: pokon

#19 Happy Birthday

Source: lolpancakeslol

#20 A Great Way To Start The Day

Source: lisamartens

#21 First Time Trying To Fry Buffalo Wings. I Think It Went Pretty Well

Source: MJ23157

#22 I Thought It Was Glass

Source: ZimmeM03

#23 My Wife Steamed Hotdogs

Source: shirtythebear

#24 Cthulhu Pie Crust. Nailed It

Source: meanguy

#25 I Forgot I Was Making Caramel At Work. It’s A Tad Overcooked

Source: Skiddle1138

#26 Expectations Vs. Reality

Source: monsterman3000

#27 Poor Ariel

Source: Neal

#28 Slight Kitchen Mishap

Source: imgur

#29 Hopefully These Deviled Egg Chicks Have Had Better Days

Source: sheknows

#30 Melted Minon

Source: Hailey,Room 16 UHPS

Let’s vote for the funniest accident, and don’t hesitate to share with us your own culinary nightmares!

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