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12 Times Celebrities Wore Outrageously Bold Outfits In Public That Ignite Controversy

Celebrities always hit the Red Carpet with the ultimate fashion that makes a statement of their unique style. That’s why fans always anticipate their appearance in any award or big event. In fact, several celebs go viral after a night of standing out with their exquisite outfit, even shaping new fashion trends.

Be that as it may, sometimes celebs make it too abnormal which may cause a stir. Although they still have a cult following, or even receive approval from experts, they just tied the major audiences up in a knot with their extremely unique gear (or strange, I don’t know!). Lady Gaga should be the first name when talking about outrageous outfits. Who can forget her dress that’s made from beef?

But today, we don’t introduce Lady Gaga anymore as many other celebs left a ton of controversy with their outrageously bold style in public. Keep scrolling down to take a look at 12 celebs who grip attention with their “out of the world” fashion. They’ve gained both active and negative comments. Check them out and you can decide your answer if they are astonishingly unique or just some stuff of a nightmare.

#1 Kate Hudson

Source: Piovanotto Marco / East News, Piovanotto Marco / East News

The usually attractive Kate Hudson consistently rocks the world with her outstanding fashion. Recently, the Titanic actress made her appearance at Valentino’s fashion show and cut a dash with an exquisite sheer backless gown with a plunging neckline. Under it was a plain black strapless bra, and Kate went with black wide-leg pants for the bottom half. It helped her flaunt their practically naked bodies. Although many audiences and experts really appreciated that style, others felt it was a bit arousal and inappropriate.

#2 Bryce Dallas Howard

Source: USA TODAY Network / East News, USA TODAY Network / East News

In 2021, Bryce showed up to the Golden Globe Awards sporting a slim, sparkling outfit. The actress faced a barrage of criticism despite the fact that this model has been popular for more than one season. Internet commenters believe the actress should not have chosen such a design because it emphasized her body’s flaws.

The actress said she didn’t regret her decision. She claimed that to avoid complicating the process of selecting a dress she will only wear once, she purchased the dress on an internet marketplace for the resale of luxury products. She continued, saying that it was true that the outfit complemented her hair color well.

#3 Alessandra Ambrosio

Source: Anthony Behar / East News

During New York Fashion Week in 2019, the former Victoria’s Secret angel showed up but not everyone praised her looks. The model was dressed in a black bodysuit and low-rise, loose-fitting jeans that appeared to be almost sliding off her hips. Maybe the naysayers just don’t like the current fashions from earlier decades.

#4 Frances McDormand

Source: © Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Image Press Agency / East News

The actress chose a somewhat controversial outfit to wear to The Tragedy of Macbeth premiere. She chose to wear sandals over her stockings to contrast the white coat. Many viewers showed disapproval of this bold solution. They claimed that even placing the names of well-known brand designers on her clothing doesn’t lessen the insult that Frances has inflicted on fashion.

#5 Marion Cotillard

Source: Isopix / East News, Sebastien Courdji / East News

The French actress’s appearance at the Little White Lies 2 premiere would undoubtedly be praised by the representatives of the new generation. She covered a frock decorated with images of baby crocodiles with an oversized thick knit vest. She had her hair up in a high bun. While some individuals thought the actress looked great, others thought she was wearing the most uneven costume a person has ever worn.

#6 Isabelle Huppert

Source: CHRISTOPHE SIMON / East News, Chassery+Courdji / East News

The French actress stunned everyone when she made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, wearing a green dress with sleeves that resembled gloves and tights that resembled shoes. She was compared to Kim Kardashian by online fashion magazines. The actress’s appearance was reminiscent of the famous model’s spectacular show-ups.

#7 Jennifer Connelly

Source: Sebastien Courdji / East News

At Paris Fashion Week 2019, Jennifer’s attire generated a lot of discussion. Some fashion journals deemed it ludicrous to wear a plaid jumper with a pleated skirt and leather flared pants. Others, on the other hand, described Connelly as one of the most fashionable celebs in attendance.

#8 Rachel Brosnahan

Source: Invision / East News

At another premiere, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star was spotted wearing an intriguing orange and yellow costume. Even though the outfit—a formal coat and pants tucked into patent leather boots—looked contemporary, not everyone liked it. One fashion website compared Rachel’s appearance to a canary and labeled her clothing a fashion flop.

#9 Alexa Demie

Source: Dylan Travis / East News, Dylan Travis / East News

It was obvious that the star of the television show Euphoria stood out at the Balenciaga fashion show because she was wearing a really distinctive outfit. Her overalls resembled large pants that the celebrity had cut special armholes in before pulling up to her neck. Internet users offered their old jeans for the celebrity’s upcoming look as they fussed over her appearance.

#10 Emma Watson

Source: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola / East News, JM HAEDRICH / East News

Emma Watson showed up at Paris Fashion Week in 2022 despite rarely attending fashion events. Her appearance made a fuss. The famous person showed up wearing ripped tight jeans and an 80s-inspired blazer with wide shoulders. According to a renowned magazine, Watson was showing off the millennial office style.

#11 Anne Hathaway

Source: Piovanotto Marco / East News, Piovanotto Marco / East News

The 39-year-old actress arrived at a Valentino design event dressed like Barbie. Very high platform heels and a small bag matched the pink short dress with a high neck and a waist-cinching skirt. Fashion publications have observed that Anne has radically altered her look. She no longer chooses formal floor-length dresses but rather edgy, vibrant attire.

#12 Noomi Rapace

Source: Getty Images

Noomi Rapace showed up at a public function in 2020 wearing an odd outfit and very unclear bottom half. Many people questioned if it was a skirt or a pair of pants. Some journalists grinned sarcastically in response to the actress’s attire. “It started off as denim, bedazzled straitjacket before she realized she couldn’t get it off, so her legs decided to cut their way out. And don’t even get us started on the (faux?) fur/pinstriped nonsense on top.” they wrote.

Bonus: Justin Timberlake Made a Splash in Paris

Source: Domine Jerome / East News, Laurent VU / East News

Recently, the Pop icon went to a fashion event in Paris. Justin chose a colorful short-sleeved shirt and palazzo pants with a pleated waist for his attire. Despite the presence of other renowned people at the event, according to fashion magazines, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were the centers of attention.