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7 Actors Who Really ‘Enjoy’ Kissing Their Co-Stars

Anyone might find it challenging to work in an environment with some of the most attractive people in Hollywood, be in close quarters with them, and execute scenes involving kissing. For several A-list celebrities, being on a movie or TV show set made it impossible to maintain their spiritual distance from their co-stars.

The same thing happened to Daniel Radcliffe, who developed feelings for Watson when they were filming the Harry Potter series. Scroll down to see the list of the seven actors who are super into kissing their co-stars.

1. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried

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We wouldn’t blame you if, after reading that Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried enjoyed making out with each other throughout the film Jennifer’s Body, you made it a point to see the movie immediately. “Our kisses were passionate and wonderful. Our kissing techniques are similar. I find the situation seductive if I see it, “said Seyfried when describing the incident.

2. Zac Efron & Heather Graham

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Efron openly expressed his enthusiasm for working with Graham in the movie At Any Price, which featured a love scene. “Being in love with her for as long as I remember made me anxious. For me, it was like something out of a dream.” In all likelihood, this isn’t the only time a co-star has gotten to make out with a celebrity crush of theirs.

3. Jolie & Elizabeth Mitchell

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In an interview, Jolie said that she has had lesbian relationships in the past, characterizing her sexual encounter with Mitchell as “quite intense.” “I was excited to kiss and touch her and see her experience (and hopefully relish) the delight of female romantic love. From what I can tell, she did. Something that good couldn’t be terrible for you. I have a soft spot for females.”

4. Hudgens

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Even though she covers up a bit, Hudgens gets rather close to both James Franco and Ashley Benson in the film (at the same time). But it was Benson who stuck out to Hudgens when she was recounting their passionate kiss. “I’m glad I had Ashley [Benson] because I didn’t feel like kissing James. Rather than kissing a guy for the camera, I’d rather kiss a lady, “said Hudgens.

5. Daniel Radcliffe & Watson

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After being asked how he imagined locking lips with Emma Watson in the Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe said he envisioned a nice gentle, and tender embrace.Radcliffe was candid about Watson’s intensity during the kiss, though.v”It was a moment of passionate kissing. I have to give it to her; she gave it her best. Even though it took me by surprise, I will not complain. I had no problem with it; many men would give a leg to be in my shoes.”

6. Laura And Taylor

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It’s safe to assume that both Laura and Taylor knew coming into their lead parts in Orange is the New Black that they would be subjected to some adult-level material. The first scene they filmed together saw them stripping down to their underwear and kissing each other in the shower.This interview with Prepon demonstrates how fortunate we are that both actresses have been honest about their affection for and chemistry.

“Thankfully, we hit it off immediately away and never had any trouble feeling at ease around one another. That was a one-take deal, and afterward, she looked at me and said, “Thank God It’s You.” After a while, I found myself saying, “Girl, thank goodness it’s you,” since we were feeling so at ease together.” She continued by saying,

7. Henry Cavill

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A woman was on top of me, her breasts were enormous, and I hadn’t moved around to make myself less of a target. It was a little rough because she was rubbing herself all over me. After that, I felt compelled to apologize profusely. In a professional performing setting, it’s hardly fun when someone gets a boner, is it? No, that won’t do.