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Meet Little Elf Owl – The Tiniest Owl In The World (8 Pics)

What is your opinion about the owl? Have you ever thought there is an adorable tiny one that steals your heart at first sight? If you doubt whether or not such species could exist, take a look at the Elf Owls, the smallest owl in the world.

Source: Bettina Arrigoni

This tiny bird’s body is only six inches tall and weighs less than 1,5 ounces, which gives them the look of a fluffy brown golf ball.

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You can find this little species in forests and desert cactus environments in southwest Texas and southern Arizona. It often stays in woodpecker holes in tall saguaro cactus until the night falls down.

Source: alamy.com

When the sun sets, Elf Owls leave their holes to hunt beetles, crickets, and spiders. Sometimes, they also catch lizards, scorpions, and mice. Don’t be fooled by their seemingly adorable and harmless appearance. Like other members of the owl family, these little birds are callous hunters.

Source: allaboutbirds.org

Unlike other birds, owls hardly make noises when they fly. Their broad wings with large surface area and the uniquely designed leading edges of their feathers minimize sound by breaking up the airflow, which promotes silent flight. That’s why they are intimidating predators for smaller creatures.

Source: animalspot.net

When the cold winter comes, Elf Owls leave the US for warmer areas in Mexico, where more insects can be found. In late February or early March, the tiny birds return to southwest America and become excited to enter the mating season. The female often lays four eggs in the spring, and the newborns will come out after 3 weeks. The male owl will hunt for the whole family before the female joins it after a few weeks.

Source: www.flickr.com

In most dangerous situations, Elf Owls will choose to escape rather than fight. However, the tiny birds could make loud alarm sound to call for other birds to help them mob great-horned owls if the larger birds intend to attack the nest. If the little owls are at the end of their rope, they may resort to plan B: pretending to be dead until the threat disappears.

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