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15 Ridiculous Jobs That Famous Stars Hire Assistants To Do

Most of us have wondered, at least once, if a celebrity lives a normal life like others. We often suppose that celebs with an enormous fortune would likely be in a different world compared to ordinary citizens. While some wealthy and famous people lead a simple and down-to-earth lifestyle by doing most of their own tasks and chores, others prefer hiring assistants to help with what they don’t want to do.

There would be nothing to comment on if celebrities hired others to do usual jobs such as driving or designing their clothes. The thing is, many celebs look for someone to satisfy their weird and bizarre requirements. Apparently, the jobs they offer could be on the list of the most incredible jobs on the planet.

Let’s scroll down to see some famous faces with the incredible tasks they hire assistants to do!

#1 P!nk

Source: Photo: Allison / Wikimedia Commons

Do you know there is a job called nipple pinching? That’s the position the famous singer with a strong and rough voice P!nk wants to hire for. This songstress needs a nipple pincher to take care of her right before her performance.

#2 Lady Gaga

Source: Photo: Sassy / Wikimedia Commons

In 2013, Lady Gaga was sued by her personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, for demanding the subordinate to sleep next to her without payment. The well-known singer seemed afraid of sleeping alone, so she needed to cling to a nightmare cuddler.

#3 Larry Ellison

Source: Photo: Oracle Computer Communications / Wikimedia Commons

This entrepreneur with a company worth $50 billion is a huge fan of basketball. His passion is so strong that he has set up half of his private yacht for the purpose of playing this sport. The only problem is that the ball may easily fall into the ocean. Because the billionaire doesn’t want to share the boat’s space with lots of balls, he decides to pay for a person to ride a speedboat and catch any balls falling off the yacht.

#4 Ludacris

Source: Photo: Toglenn / Wikimedia Commons

This rapper has a deep affinity for gaming. Like any other gamer, one of the most annoying situations is when his electronic device runs out of battery. That’s why in the early 2000s, he had an assistant taking spare batteries for his Game Boy and changing them whenever needed.

#5 Rod Stewart

Source: Photo: Gary Gershoff/Contributor

For a singer and musician with a hectic schedule like Rod Stewart, sound sleep is essential to refill the energy he needs for the performance. To make sure he could sleep as much as possible, he has a team of assistants in charge of preventing all lights in the room before he reaches the location.

#6 Ceelo Green

Source: Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

Sweating may cause many issues, so if you are able to make a killing, you could do like Ceelo Green. This rapper has an assistant helping him wipe out his sweat and another in charge of unwrapping and putting chewing gums in his mouth.

#7 Mark Wahlberg

Source: Photo: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas / flickr

Actor Mark Wahlberg is famous for being a morning person who nearly always respects punctuality. Surprisingly, the secret lies in his human alarm clock. This assistant will remind him of the time to ensure he never makes a mistake.

#8 Charles III

Source: Photo: Jamie Roach / Shutterstock.com

What do you expect from a royal family member? They seem to be always surrounded by servants. Particularly, Charles III has a person taking care of his shoelaces and another called “official undresser”. Some people believe the king may never undress himself during his life.

#9 Nick “Swaggy P” Young

Source: Photo: Keith Allison / Wikimedia Commons

The basketball player Nick Young, also known as  Swaggy P, lost his prized Red October sneakers in his home. He believed someone had stolen them, so he prevented this kind of incident by hiring two full-time guards to watch over his precious shoes.

#10 Mariah Carey

Source: Photo: D Dipasupil / Getty Images

The famous diva Mariah Carey surprised many people when in 2008, she hired a drink holder who followed behind her at any party. This assistant also carried a straw to ensure the celeb’s lipstick condition. “There was a woman that held her drink with a straw. That’s all she does, flies around the world as a drinks holder,” Mariah shared.

#11 Oprah

Source: Photo: Ian Evenstar / flickr

Understanding the importance of comfortable underwear, Oprah has an official bra handler who measures all her underwear to ensure they fit her perfectly.

#12 Nelly

Source: Photo: Photobra – Adam Bielawski / Wikimedia Commons

Besides the signature facial Band-Aid, Nelly is famous for his passion for jewelry. He cares for his collection of jewels so much that he pays for a jewelry caregiver to travel with him. He made this decision after a million dollars worth of ice was stolen from his hotel room in Las Vegas.

#13 Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Photo: Michael Buckner/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

The actress Gwyneth Paltrow is renowned for her healthy and holistic lifestyle. To ensure she could stay on track, she employs a team of 20 people serving as holistic advisors. This team will manage her diet and check her body to make sure she is always in the best condition.

#14 Justin Bieber

Source: Photo: Def Jam

It seems that many celebs find carrying food and beverages around annoying and inconvenient, and Justin Bieber is no exception. The pop star has a personal entourage helping him hold food and drinks while he’s not eating them.

#15 P Diddy

Source: Photo: Arthur / Wikimedia Commons

Sean Combs, also known as P Diddy, used to have an assistant holding umbrella for him. This obviously frees the famous hip-hop artist from worrying about the rain and the prospect of getting soaked.

What do you think about these wealthy people? Do you think their requirements are absurd and unbelievable? If you had lots of money, would you hire people to do a strange task? Please share your thoughts in the comment below!