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Man Turns Old Car Tires Into Cozy Beds For Stray Dogs And Cats

This great work started two years ago when Amarildo saw used tires stacked in the parking lot of the supermarket where he worked. He always loved making handicrafts with materials that were no longer used and would be discarded, so he wanted to do something useful from these old tires.

He was inspired to start this project when he saw dogs and cats loved to sleep in old tires and they used these tires as a refuge in the streets. Therefore, Amarildo decided to turn old tires into cozy and decorated dog and cat beds. He wants to bring them the feeling of home and makes them more comfortable.

He collects the old tires that he finds on the street or collects as donations and takes them home. After separating the tires, he carefully cuts, washes, paints, decorates and writes the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong to. Finally, he adds some carrying straps and a comfy mattress which he sews himself for the animals to curl up on.

After successfully making a bed, he has made 6,000 beds for strays, shelter animals, and even pets. Since then, his beds has become so famous that he now receives orders from eco-friendly pet owners around the world.

By creating the cozy beds from old tires for animals, he not only contributed to protect the environment but also made extra income from this work. Amarildo said: “I am very moved because what used to be trash in the environment now becomes something very useful for animals.”

Watch the video here!

Posted by Amarildo Silva on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

If you like Amarildo, you can visit his Facebook page to see more his wonderful designs.

h/t: LittleThings

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