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14 Movie Mistakes That Filmmakers Decided To Ignore

Considering the amount of work people have put into a movie, it’s no surprise that filmmakers do whatever it takes to make their movies perfect. But it’s hard to guarantee that there are absolutely no flaws in those movies. Mistakes or bloopers are sometimes unavoidable in the filmmaking process. Most of those mistakes, though, might not see the light of day.

However, mistakes in movies aren’t always a bad thing. Some filmmakers actually decided to keep them in the final cut because somehow they were really good. From fluffed lines to errant extras, plenty of mistakes have to be corrected on set but occasionally they bring a new and welcome quality to a scene.

Here are some of the unplanned and unwanted shootings that these mistakes in that movies were better left in. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 At the end of the pool scene in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (1953), Jane Russell is not allowed to participate.

Source: Youtube

One of the dancers got too close to her head, causing her to tumble inside. And even though the dancer was fired, this scene is still better.

#2 In ‘1917’ (2019), Schofield was running along a trench, when another soldier ran in and pushed him up. This is not unscripted.

Source: Twitter

One more person accidentally bumped into George MacKay during a specific shoot, but McKay recovered and kept running.

#3 When Daryl Hannah elbowed herself through the car window in ‘Blade Runner’ (1982), she did injure herself.

Source: Youtube

In the scene, Hannah’s character runs to the car and breaks the window with her elbow, which actually caused the bone to be chipped in eight places. She didn’t notice that she was injured until the scene was filmed.

#4 In ‘Chinatown’ (1974), Noah Cross (protrayed by John Huston) repeatedly mispronounces Gittes’ name as ‘Gits’ instead of ‘Git-Iss.’

Source: mlarson

This was not written according to the script, but rather because Huston couldn’t get the name right. Director Roman Polanski decided to keep it as it is because it suits the nature of the character.

#5 The end of ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ (1988) shows a fog that wasn’t originally supposed to be there.

Source: Youtube

Director Martin Scorsese said that the camera assistant accidentally opened the film, ruining the final shot. But he liked that “damage” so much that it ended up being Resurrection.

#6 Uncle Billy screams “I’m fine, I’m fine,” in ‘It’s been a wonderful life’ (1946) improvised.

Source: postlmg

The scene where Uncle Billy screams hilarious lines off-screen only happened because one of the cast members dropped some props in front of Billy’s actor Thomas Mitchell, prompting him to improvise a bit.

#7 Leonardo DiCaprio actually injured his hand when he broke the glass in ‘Django Unchained’ (2012).

Source: Youtube

Perhaps one of the most famous “mistakes” in the film is this scene when DiCaprio’s character smashes glass causing the actor to bleed in real life. But surprisingly, he kept going, and that hit made the final cut.

#8 In ‘Blade Runner 2049’ (2017), Harrison Ford accidentally punched Ryan Gosling in the face while filming a fight scene.

Source: reddit | ShaneMP01

As an apology, Ford invited Gosling to share a bottle of Scotch whiskey with him.

#9 In the first ‘Star Wars’ movie, our recognizable lightsaber sound was a mistake…

Source: pinterest

“While carrying a tape recorder with a broken mic cable, the shielding had come off and the sound was recorded as he walked by a television. The sound is the electrical feedback from the television’s tube.”

#10 In ‘Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke’ (1978), the dog that ate Chong’s burrito while they are in Tijuana was unscripted.

Source: pholder

It was a local who got lost in the frame, took the burrito, and walked away. Cheech & Chong just advertised around it, and that scene is still in the movie.

#11 The scene from ‘Die Hard’ (1988) where John McClane falls down an elevator uses footage of a stuntman tripping.

Source: Youtube

During the escape scene, Willis’ character slides down the shaft. This shot was made from an actual moment in which a stuntman slipped and fell.

#12 During the shooting of ‘The Punisher’ (2005), wrestler Kevin Nash was accidentally stabbed by Thomas Jane when he forgot to exchange an actual knife for a prop.

Source: reddit | H05T

Nash didn’t even realize he was bleeding and finished shooting the character. That stayed in the movie.

#13 Kurt Russell smashes a 145-year-old guitar on the set of ‘The Hateful Eight’ (2015).

Source: Youtube

The guitar was on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum, and Russell is only said to have smashed a copy of it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell the real from the fake, and the priceless antique finally succeeded.

#14 Joaquin Phoenix didn’t intentionally break the toilet in the prison scene of ‘The Master’ (2012).

Source: Youtube

In fact, as he puts it, “I didn’t know that was possible.” Clearly, he also injured himself several times on set.