The 5 Most Impressive Anne With An E Quotes

It’s like picking out the prettiest rocks on a beach: finding the best from Anne With An E quotes is impossible. There isn’t a single word or phrase in the play that isn’t used effectively. Every persona has a special way of speaking that motivates others. The show’s three seasons are filled to the brim with literary allusions, from the episode titles down to lines of conversation and passages of prose from the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery and other classic authors.

Anne With an E stands on its own as a memorable show, but it’s also a tribute to literature because of the many female authors that Anne (and Montgomery) admire. At the center of it all is a young woman driven by a desire to do good in the world.

#.1 The 5 Best Anne With An E Quotes

5. “To Bring It Into Daylight, And Realize Nightmares Aren’t So Scary Without The Protection Of The Dark.”

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After visiting the orphanage she spent her formative years in, Anne writes one of her most beautiful and moving lines. Cole is there to support her through the ordeal, marking a significant milestone in Anne’s growth.

Although it’s hard on the heart, seeing the orphanage for yourself confirms your worst fears about it being a foreboding, dark place. Seeing it now, in the light of day, in a more secure position after everything she’s been through, highlights the reality that despite how challenging things can be, they are frequently not so terrible and impossible as the mind would make them seem.

4. “I’m Loved Now, But When I Wasn’t, It Didn’t Mean I Wasn’t Worthy Of It.” Anne With An E Quotes

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Anne arrives at this realization slowly, but once she does, she makes sure to spread the word to anybody who could benefit. In season three, she reminds Josie, “No one but you is allowed to decide what you’re worth.” Anne understands that it is common to place one’s value on how others perceive one. Anne suffers harsh treatment due to her appearance, but she has learned from experience that people’s treatment of her reveals more about the onlookers’ own biases than it does about her. Don’t miss these best quotes about love in Titanic.

3. “You Might Want To Think About Why It Is You Feel The Need To Destroy Things.”

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After some mishaps at school, Cole makes this profound revelation to Billy. After publicly insulting Cole and breaking his wrist, Billy and Cole engaged in a physical altercation in class, during which Billy burns his ear on the wood stove. Cole expresses regret even though he knows Billy has destroyed the hidden fort he and Anne built in the woods. Cole demonstrates maturity and composure by letting go of the past and refusing to participate in negativity and nastiness. He suggests to Billy that he examine why he does the opposite. You may find these best lines in the God Father interesting.

2. “How Can There Be Anything Wrong With A Life If It’s Spent With A Person You Love?”

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One of Anne with an E’s many distinguishing features is its emphasis on several kinds of love besides romantic ones. Initially, it is Anne’s loved ones who instill in her an appreciation for love. She is adopted by Matthew and Marilla, who became foster parents despite their sibling relationship. Marilla has been dubbed a spinster her whole life, and Matthew has been labeled an introvert.

While the townspeople may look down on their relationship, Anne is confident that it is founded on love and is, therefore, perfectly acceptable. Even though she spent her entire life with the person she loved most, Aunt Jo is criticized for her decisions. You may find these best Lokie quotes impressive.

1. “Grief Is The Price You Pay For Love, You See.” Anne With An E Quotes

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At the beginning of their friendship, Anne surprises Aunt Jo by finding her in her room, sobbing. Anne feels uncomfortable and considers running away, but Jo wants to reassure her that it’s okay to talk about how she feels. Aunt Jo adds that the tears she’s shedding over her lost love are a little price to pay for the happiness and love she’s experienced throughout her entire life. People are often reluctant to love because they worry about being hurt, although it is impossible to have love without experiencing loss.

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