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8 Celebrities Who Don’t Deserve To Be A Parent

The quality of your life and decisions may be permanently altered if you have a strained connection with your parents. Many kids harbor bitter feelings toward their parents for the harm they’ve caused. We may have been trained to honor our parents at all costs, but it does not mean every parent is deserving of our regard. All parents, whether famous or not, have a moral obligation to provide their children with a stable, nurturing environment.

A parent always puts their child’s wants and feelings before their own. It involves giving up certain things you enjoy for your kid’s sake. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world, and these eight famous people weren’t cut out for it.

1. Woody Allen

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In contrast to Allen’s ripe old age of 56, Soon-Yi was just a teen at the time. Allen, who wed his adopted daughter in 1997, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and asked, “what was the scandal?” I couldn’t help but fall for this girl, and eventually, we tied the knot. Allen had more children besides his adopted daughter-bride. Everyone was taken aback by their parents’ conduct, and their connection with their father and sister suffered.

2. Alec Baldwin

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The divorce between him and Kim Basinger was quite public and concerned the couple’s only child, Ireland. Furthermore, in 2007, a voicemail Baldwin had left for his daughter was released to the public, and it was not a nice message. The actor then proceeded to use profane language on his daughter, who was only 11 then, calling her a “rude, thoughtless pig.” The voicemail was almost abusive, leaving others to worry about what else he had said to his child in private.

3. Eddie Murphy

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Brown’s gorgeous daughter, Angel Iris, was born in 2007. But even after receiving the paternity test results, Murphy still wouldn’t budge. The Nutty Professor denied paternity and cut off all contact with the young woman. In 2010, he reportedly changed his mind, and the couple’s connection deepened. He cut because, unfortunately, we view him as a terrible dad. After all, the public rejects his child.

4. Charlie Sheen

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His recent ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, was a drug addict, and she ultimately lost custody of their twin sons. Sheen failed to be an involved father and provide for his children. He was so uninterested in having them that he refused to apply for parental rights. What, you need to know who stood up? Aside from Denise Richards, he also has several other exes. What a wonderful lady. Sheen is the type of man who never should have been a dad. To put it bluntly, he is a terrible dad.

5. Hulk Hogan

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His ideal family disintegrated after the show was canceled. Hogan’s infidelity led to the breakdown of his marriage to his children’s mother, as it has for so many Hollywood fathers. The fact that he was having sexual relations with his daughter’s friend is what made him a horrible parent, not the affair itself. Because of this, not only did his wife feel ashamed, but so did his children.

6. Courtney Love

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Relatives of Love’s daughter say the latter filed for a protective order after their mother and daughter got into a violent fight. Frances Bean claims her mother has been an addict for as long as she can remember. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, directed by Brett Morgen, premiered in 2015 at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, and Cobain’s mother and daughter attended the event together. Frances served as the film’s executive producer.

7. Kate Moss

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Moss is constantly on the go, attending the most exclusive events, and has a very “single” lifestyle. The model that lacks parental guidance also has poor memory skills. She has allowed infamous addicts like her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty to watch her child and even forget her child’s birthday. It’s also worth noting that Moss has been caught with narcotics before and is not a stranger to using them. Moss is not a very good mother, and we feel bad for her daughter if she holds any hatred toward her.

8. Ryan O’Neal

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O’Neal, who fathered four kids with three different mothers, struggled to maintain custody and control his substance use. According to court documents, O’Neal was arrested in 2007 for allegedly attacking his son with a lethal weapon after a history of physical and verbal abuse toward his two eldest children. O’Neal was also the first parent his children had ever met to use narcotics, and he was notorious for casually sharing his stash with them. In his book, Tatum writes about how, after she attempted suicide, her father informed her she was “doing it wrong” and showed her how to properly slit her wrists.