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Stray Kitten Meows At Top Of Lungs Until Someone Saves Her

Meet Pistachio: a sweet stray kitten on the streets of Los Angeles. The poor kitten didn’t have any family or anyone to care for her, but she has an incredible will to live and never gives up it.

Pistachio started wandering from house to house, meowing on top of his lungs. But despite her best efforts, no one walked up to her and took her in.

Thankfully, an animal rescue group called Alley Cat Rescue found Pistachio when she was three months old. And a volunteer of the rescue group, Desiree quickly decided that she would save this tiny stray kitten.

Desiree found Pistachio standing on a porch, meowing as loud as she could. Desiree brought Pistachio into her house and gave her a very needed bath. The poor kitten was so infested with dirt and fleas that the bath water tinted red.

After that, Desiree found a foster home for Pistachio and the tiny kitten was so happy to finally have foster parents who loved her. After a week in the foster home, Pistachio is now full of life and energy.

Even though Pistachio had such a rough beginning, she never lost her sweet personality, and she still trusts people. After everything she’s been through, this kitten deserves a great home and she is still looking for a forever home.

“Open your arms and she settles in for a cuddle! She is quick to purr and show how happy she is!” Desiree says.

If you want to know more about Pistachio or Alley Cat Rescue, check out their Facebook page. Please share this story with your friends and family.

h/t: Animal Channel

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