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23 Weird Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist Ads That Caught Our Eye

In this era of information and technology, finding customers is very easy for businesses, retailers, or even those who have a need to sell their goods. Because they don’t need to open costly stores, they can sell their products online instead. This is not only convenient but also money-saving. There are various platforms where sellers upload images as well as information about their items, and then buyers can see and contact the sellers to purchase the stuff. If you have ever sold something online, you may be aware that Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are two of the most popular platforms.

However, to make sure customers choose their goods in the millions, many sellers have come up with out-of-the-box product advertising ideas that are bound to blow your mind. We have collected some of the funniest and weirdest Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist ads from the r/CrackheadCraigslist subreddit. Scroll down to check them out and enjoy. And don’t forget to vote for your favs.

#1. Vibrating rolling pin…

Source: aglatte

#2. That’s a deal if you ask me, fellas

Source: chacharoo137

#3. Holy Cheese

Source: mowheato

#4. Um…

Source: burning_halo

#5. Priceless

Source: dingoAteMyLeftNut-

#6. Winder why the kids don’t like it?

Source: Paradigmfusion

#7. Who wants some good ol sweater traction

Source: lil_nosebleed

#8. NFSW cheap sneakers

Source: bjbkar

#9. Made in America…yeah, probably pissed in too

Source: CaptainBlackhill

#10. No way

Source: CButler19

#11. Doesn’t turn on. Minor fault

Source: Dollar23

#12. Some might judge me for this but…

Source: Mitch454

#13. Poor door

Source: dognipples11

#14. Best deal on the market

Source: xXx_quack_attack_xXx

#15. Don’t you tell him

Source: SaltChapter5

#16. Genuinely laughed

Source: BABUSHKA_18

#17. This seems like the opposite of a crackhead move to me

Source: TheYoungRazzleDazzle

#18. Lost and found at my local petrol station

Source: Harrywhitelegg54

#19. No time wasters!!

Source: pussy-master

#20. Just a few scratches still in usable condition

Source: tom_icecream

#21. Convince

Source: sUBARASHI23

#22. Hope its satire

Source: alabamaincestcrusade

#23. Invisibility cloak!

Source: bmlykke2

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