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23 Eeriest Things Kids Have Said That Send A Shiver Down Our Spine

Kids are very innocent. This characteristic lets their imagination run wild and think beyond the box without limitation. As a result, we adults frequently hear the silliest and funniest things come out of their adorable mouths. Moreover, kids are weak and fragile souls; therefore, it’s not surprising that they might have a strong connection to the supernatural. Have you ever overheard your kids say anything spooky that made you have to do a double-take? If you have, you are not the only one. There are many people out there who also have heard the weirdest and creepiest things from them.

Recently, a Twitter user called Lilah Sturges posted an interesting question that asked, “What’s the eeriest thing a child has ever said to you?”. In that post, she shared her weird conversation with her kids, and it made many parents feel relatable. Then, they bombarded this thread with their own stories. Are you curious to read those creepy stories? We have chosen some of the best for you. Scroll down to check them out.


Source: LilahSturges


Source: LilahSturges


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Source: MIHistoryDad


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