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7 Wildest Stories Behind Favorite Celebrities’ Scars

Fascinating are always the tales of pain and triumph accompanying scars. Whoever the scar belonged to was irrelevant. When we do, we’ll be curious as to what transpired. Scars are something that some people want to cover up, while others choose to show off. Sometimes, no matter how hard one tries, one cannot hide a scar. Scars are a part of our bodies, and whether we treat them like Hooper and Quint in Jaws and boast about the events that led to them or simply avoid talking about them at all costs if they are obvious, people are nearly always curious about the origins.

This curiosity is amplified when it concerns well-known people. Certain famous faces are instantly recognizable thanks to the scars they’ve received throughout their careers. As a result of their constant exposure in the media, some celebrities’ scars have become invisible to the average viewer. Scars are only visible once we are reminded of their existence.

1. Kylie Jenner

Source: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner’s leg scar gained attention after she started displaying it in photos and claimed she was proud of it. Jenner explained she received the scar as a child. “When I was 5, my sister and I played hide and seek, and I hid in a large, enclosed gate,” she recalled. “When my sister didn’t find me, I climbed a sharp gate pole. The pole slid into my leg. I pulled to remove the pole, but it tore through my leg. Since I grew, it’s smaller.” It’s a scary vision, especially considering she was a child.

2. Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran’s event is the most recent. Indeed. Sheeran has a facial scar. Princess Beatrice sought to knight James Blunt at a party last year. No joking here. True. During the party, Blunt reportedly joked about being knighted. Beatrice, the best host, agreed. She used her father’s ceremonial sword. Beatrice wasn’t ready. Sheeran was hit in the cheek by her sword swing. Sheeran was ordered not to speak about the incident to spare the royal family further shame. Sheeran’s scar proves the story leaked.

3. Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford’s chin scar was used in his Indiana Jones narrative. His books don’t reveal the genuine genesis. He obtained the scar in “a rapid vehicle crash, a very boring way to earn it.” He blames “inept emergency surgery” for the scar’s appearance. Ford reportedly crashed on his way to work. He was working on his seatbelt when he drove off the shoulder and hit a post, crushing his face into the steering wheel.

4. Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone hid her neck scar for so long that some weren’t sure if it existed. The internet became obsessed with the scar. It had a website. No, she wasn’t beheaded. Supposedly, she came close. Stone ran into a clothesline as a child while riding a horse. The horse’s speed and taut rope ripped the Stone’s neck.

5. Jonah Hill

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Hill’s arm is scarred. The arrow above. His arm appears to have been burned or torn off. The latter is true. At 15, Hill and a companion stole a friend’s parent’s SUV. The driver started fishtailing the car while Hill dangled out the window. The SUV’s sideways flip destroyed Hill’s arm and dragged it along the road. Hill observed his parents’ concern when he woke up in the hospital. He determined never to fail them again. He thinks the scar reminds him to keep improving “Every day, I see this scar. So, I’ll work hard.”

6. Jason Momoa

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In 2008, before Jason Momoa was famous, he got into a fight in a West Hollywood cafĂ©. This second man, on firearms probation, got berserk in the argument. Maybe he feared Momoa, so he smashed him with a pint glass. Momoa’s eyebrow scar is visible after surgery and 140 stitches. The scar has helped Momoa in many ways, he says. Throughout his life, he was called a “beautiful boy.” “Good, it’s not my thing now” His scar works. Khal Drogo fits. Indeed.

7. Richard Lynch

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Richard Lynch was in some great series and had notable parts. Lynch has prominent facial scars throughout his career, perhaps most famous for Battlestar Galactica. Lynch appeared in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and The Lords of Salem. The tale of how he received the scars isn’t well-known, maybe because he avoided media attention for most of his career. Crazy story. In 1967, the actor burned himself on fire while on LSD in Central Park.