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25 Pictures That Prove Iceland Is Actually Another Planet

Iceland is a stunning nation renowned for its untamed scenery and landscapes. The top attractions that must be on every tourist’s bucket list are the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls. Iceland is well-known for its history and for having been settled by Vikings. Due to its contrasting landscapes, it is referred to as “The Land of Fire and Ice.”

Iceland, according to some, was very unique and slightly weird since its residents always have their own ways of doing things. For strangers, what is commonplace and every day for Icelanders may look exotic or outlandish. Iceland has carved itself an identity all its own, shaped by its history, its land and sea, and its people.

If you are interested in Iceland, scroll down below to check out 25 of the most fascinating facts about this beautiful country we have collected. We are confident that some of them will blow your mind! And maybe after reading this article, you will pack your bags and make a trip to Iceland right away.

#1. My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky

Source: KristjanHrannar

#2. First-world problems in Iceland

Source: burningmidnight

#3. In Iceland, they sell air in a can for 5 dollars

Source: Beans174

#4. Iceland does not want to deal with your stupidity – and I think that’s beautiful

Source: Joe_Vanelli

#5. This poster under a camera in Iceland

Source: andnonymous

#6. Today I drank straight from an Icelandic glacier. The finest of H20

Source: asvpcn

#7. My sister rented a flat here in North of Iceland for Christmas, this is her view

Source: maggipedia

#8. The first Northern lights image I ever took. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Source: Nateloobz

#9. Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a geothermal hot spring

Source: functional45training

#10. Icelandic condoms

Source: Noticemenot

#11. Lighthouse by the coast of Iceland

Source: fyflate89

#12. This gate made from an old bike in Reykjavik

Source: Blake001

#13. This is the last McDonalds burger sold in Iceland

Source: Gavin_beast13

#14. “Yoda Cave” or Hjörleifshöfði Cave in Iceland

Source: keekzo

#15. In Iceland, man without having the address draws map on envelope instead, and it gets delivered at the right place…

Source: GroundbreakingSet187

#16. Iceland’s elephant mountain

Source: AvenueBlue

#17. People gathered around lava, Iceland

Source: wyazici

#18. This street in Iceland

Source: TransIndian

#19. Painted on the side of a little cafe in Iceland

Source: gangbangkang

#20. Meet Óttarr Proppé, Iceland’s new minister of health

Source: frnak

#21. This huge rainbow in Iceland

Source: Basura_XXIV

#22. This sword bridge in iceland

Source: judamo22

#23. Work signs in Reykjavik, Iceland feature a female worker

Source: ithinkik_ern

#24. In Iceland, there’s no such thing as the flavour “Ranch”

Source: In Iceland, there’s no such thing as the flavour “Ranch”

#25. Icelands sky is blowin up right now!


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