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7 Celebrity Garbage That Have A Ridiculous Price

You won’t believe the exorbitant prices these pieces of celebrity trash fetched at auction. Some fans are so devoted to their favorite celebrity that they would spend their last dime on something associated with them, even if it’s just a used tissue or a bite of leftover food. Your eyes do not deceive you; the prices for these things range from the hundreds to the thousands.

You might be astonished to find that some very bizarre artifacts have fetched six-figure sums at auction. To top it all off, it’s baffling to consider how the sellers even came into possession of these products. We’ve picked up many scavenging activities near dumpsters and garbage cans at local businesses. Many celebrities know that selling even a small lock of hair might earn them thousands of dollars.

1. Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: A Jar Of Their Breath

Source: Getty Images

Joe Wilson, an eBay user, recently auctioned off a jar containing what was said to be Pitt and Jolie’s breath. Be the first to own a jar of celebrity air that may have had molecules that came into contact with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the auction read. The price of the jar at its auction was $523.

2. J.D. Salinger’s Toilet

Source: Getty Images

On eBay, a toilet advertised as belonging to Salinger sold for $1 million. The person selling it said it arrived “unclean and in its original condition.” There was a line in the ad that said, “Who knows how many of [his] stories were dreamt up and written as Salinger sat on his throne!” The previous owner of Salinger’s property included a letter with the toilet stating that it had been removed for remodeling.

3. Justin Bieber’s Lock Of Hair

Source: Getty Images

One of Justin Bieber’s eyebrow hairs would likely fetch thousands of dollars at auction. The Biebs is undeniably one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and he became an instant international phenomenon when teenage females everywhere demanded memorabilia featuring the pop singer. The musician revealed on Ellen DeGeneres’s show that he had parted off some of his signature hair to display as art. Afterward, he placed the lock of hair in an acrylic display case and signed it. To everyone’s shock, the box containing his hair brought in $40,648. A charity selected by Bieber was the recipient of all revenues.

4. Pharrell Williams’ Hat

Source: Getty Images

When Pharrell Williams appeared at the Grammys wearing that thing, nobody knew what to make of it. His buffalo hat was the most eye-catching accessory of the evening. Williams finally decided to part with the hat, so he auctioned it off online to raise money for his organization’s efforts to help troubled youth. Arby’s, a fast-food business, ultimately outbid the competition and purchased the property for $44,100. Since Arby’s logo resembles the Vivienne Westwood hat so closely, so the purchase was beneficial for the corporation.

5. Eminem’s Used Couch

Source: Getty Images

This auction was very strange, and we still didn’t know what was happening. We could understand if Eminem wanted to sell his stuff, but when a member of his Shady Records group sells something of his, it gets very strange. Rapper Obie Trice sold for $2,000 an old couch that Eminem had given him. He may have done it as a joke since he said, “As a joke, Eminem gave me this couch a long time ago, so I put it up for sale on eBay. It was something that, if it had worked, I would have sold. People thought I was broke because it went the wrong way.”

6. Ronald Reagan’s Blood

Source: Getty Images

The value of everything once owned by a U.S. president is sky high now. Ronald Reagan’s blood vial sold at auction for a stunning $30,000. The 5-inch glass vial of Reagan’s dried blood remains from an assassination attempt is now available for auction on PFCAuctions.com. The Reagan family, however, was not happy with the auction and publicly declared their disapproval. Whatever is in the vial, and it may be mouse blood for all I know, it’s not Reagan blood, according to Michael Reagan, the former president’s son. In the end, the auction was called off due to widespread outcry.

7. Britney Spears’ Used Gum

Source: Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Britney Spears’ merchandise is in high demand; she’s a cultural phenomenon. I bet you don’t have a used piece of chewing gum that was once in the mouth of the Hit MeBaby One More Time singer, even if you do have her first album or vintage posters. A duplicate of a ticket stub from Spears’ 2004 concert at London’s Wembley Arena was used to pass off a pack of gum as the pop star’s, despite the lack of any verifiable proof that it belonged to Spears. The price tag was set at $53.