7 Hilariously Outrageous Stories About Celebrity Hookups

As fans, we are never informed about the vast majority of celebrity happenings. We'll never know the full extent of the perks and "companionship" chances given to Hollywood's A-listers. There's no reason for us to be informed. However, the truth occasionally comes out. Celebrity hookups always make us curious and question.
Typically, it's the band's devoted fans who tell these tales. These fans are eager to capitalize on the fame of hooking up with famous people. You should only believe what you can verify independently. You can't tell if these groupies are making stuff up or not. We do know that their accounts of what transpired are hilariously exaggerated. See all the funny stories about celebrity relationships in this post

1. Jason Derulo

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A female hooked up with Jason Derulo following his performance in her town's nightclub. It's not that she dated Derulo. She was reportedly dating a renowned sports star in town. Local sportsmen are popular. After learning he'd been cheated on, the boyfriend dumped the female. When opposition teams came to play his hometown team, they'd sing "Jason Derulo" to throw him off. Losing the game is just as bad as losing the girl.

2. Harry Styles

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A 20-year-old woman bought a cupcake in Chelsea, but One Direction's Harry Styles shocked her. What started with her recommending a red velvet cupcake escalated to her riding in his limo to his hotel. She thought it was weird he dropped her off a few blocks away until she saw the throng of fans he had to pass to get to his room. She walked past the mob unharmed, and they had a nice evening. After hooking up, she left alone to avoid the mob. She understood Styles did this every day and felt bad for him. She never wants to date a One Direction member again.

3. Madonna

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Afriend had one basic purpose. He got his wish at 34, then met her at her hotel in Rome. He must have been thrilled to realize his ambitions. What occurred after he received his request is amusing. After years of fantasizing about that moment, he didn't know what to do. He had no other goals. It's awful to think he achieved his pinnacle at 34 and then went downhill.

4. Justin Bieber

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This story begins in 2013 at a Toronto nightclub. Justin Bieber's crew and a pal returned to the Hazelton Hotel. She dated Bieber and his entourage. All the girls had to sign non-disclosure agreements and give up their telephones to join. Afterward, they listened to Bieber sing and played guitar for an hour. Everyone got bored because he smoked so much cannabis. Everyone wasn't bored, though. The gang has to have a few "Beliebers." Nobody can say because it's off-limits. Does he think people will follow contracts? Or is it better when he's older and less famous?

5. John Mayer

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A friend of a groupie who was skilled at meeting celebs tells one story. Groupie got backstage to meet John Mayer. John leaned over mid-makeout and muttered, "Let me see your f*cking butthole," according to the groupie. The groupie doesn't elaborate, but the pal thinks she played peek-a-boo with Mayer. Knowing her groupie pal, this seemed likely.

6. Adam Sandler

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In 1992, a guy's date didn't show up. After being dumped, he tried to make the most of his night. He went to a bar with some friends and told them he got stood up. They told him they'd heard his date hooked up with Adam Sandler. The individual was gay, which changed the story. Thanks to Adam Sandler's fame, he decided there was no better moment to tell everyone. It's not the finest reason to come out, but whatever makes you happy works.


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LMFAO was an uncle-and-nephew duo who developed memorable party music. But they didn't only make hits together. A Reddit groupie/celeb hookup thread claims the DJ duo tag-teamed a woman, paid for her breakfast and left her a t-shirt. The author said the woman also uploaded a bed selfie.
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