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20 Reddit Users Show What It Would Feel Like To Be Crazy-Rich

We all dream (or used to) to be granted wealth. Most of us can’t deny being mesmerized by fancy things and luxury that we can only see on TV. While billions of people struggle to earn their living by working and saving money, a few barons pour cash into incomprehensible habits. They are literally throwing big coins out of the window. It is a circumstance that numerous people will never be able to experience. On the other hand, people say that don’t teach the rich how to spend money because they are already wicked and wise to reach that wealthy.

Source: Dukes Avenue (photo used for illustration)

Several Redditors have a chance to look more closely at the opulence far beyond imagination and share their thoughts. If you are curious about how millionaires spend, you might not want to miss these stories. Then, you will see for yourself if they are insane or just purely extra-fabulous.

Let’s cut the chitchat and discover what there are inside big villas!

#1 Were you stressed out about it?

Source: © Fulthrottlejazzhands / Reddit

#2 When he said he didn’t like it, he really meant it

Source: © Masterfull_Cackle / Reddit

#3 Just a simple multiplication

Source: © captain_obvious_here / Reddit

#4 I wonder what the dog was feeling…

Source: © aticho / Reddit

#5 Dude, Be Best Friends Forever, Agree???

Source: © JAG23 / Reddit

#6 Super Glamorous And Generous

Source: © Priest_Soranis / Reddit

#7 Lucky star fell on him that day

Source: © andysor / Reddit

#8 If I was Picasso, I would…

Source: © useroftheinternet999 / Reddit

#9 Who wants to apply now?

Source: © Elysian-Visions / Reddit

#10 Me, I heard my dad’s old honda…

Source: © DiscombobulatedBabu / Reddit

#11 A very indecisive client

Source: © luther_williams / Reddit

#12 Walking is good for health, so a moving walkway shouldn’t be there…

Source: © atot806 / Reddit

#13 When yacht was used for backup

Source: © Doppar / Reddit

#14 There should be good sofas for the cat to scratch as well

Source: © Kpop_TWD / Reddit

#15 Buy that barber a new nearby shop!

Source: © Britneck / Reddit

#16 New show: tutoring one-to-one with Master Chef

Source: © darkapao / Reddit

#17 He has a good point

Source: © cholula_is_good / Reddit

#18 Nah, you can have it, mentor. We don’t care about that four-hundred-thousand buck four-wheeled thing…

Source: © skell15 / Reddit

#19 There is no obstruction when we are rich enough

Source: © waterloograd / Reddit

#20 I used to have birthday cakes made from pasta and noodle stuff, so exotic!

Source: © circleinsidecircle / Reddit

Dream that you have a pile of gold! For what would you use them? Would you choose to spend them like the ones above? If you don’t mind speaking it out, please comment in the zone below after hitting the like-share button and following us!

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