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30 Pics That Prove Our Mother Nature Has A Witty And Cheeky Mind

As humans, we can create a lot of beautiful things. However, nothing beats the natural beauty of the Earth. As time goes on, Mother Nature continues to amaze us with more unique species, gorgeous scenery, and incredible hues.

Mother Nature is not only beautiful and majestic, but she also has a terrific sense of humor. This is proven by the collection of 30 “special” nature photos we found on the Internet. You will be surprised at her bold and witty creations as you scroll through the list. Plus, some of these creations are so “human-like” that they make you blush. It would be too long for us to go into detail, so to fully understand how funny they are, you should scroll down and check them out!

1. This tomato:

Source: zazzles23

“I’d eat the poop out of this”

2. The top of a tree was blown off in a storm. Now it looks like a dude out for a stroll

Source: mdegroat

Groot is that you?

3. This tree’s bum

Source: OutstandingBill

Baby got bark!

4. A pigeon with feathers on its feet

Source: ricktr0ll

He is so fancy

5. Eggplant has a long… nose

Source: Gamehenged

It’s a crime that there aren’t googly eyes on that eggplant

6. This chick was born with winged eyeliners:

Source: Cjinator11

Call me old fashioned, but that chick is a bit too young to be wearing makeup…

7. “A piece of a miracle”


8. The knots in the wood look like a dog:

Source: joelbonsel

Very wood!

9. “Found these “wands” in the park near a tree they had fallen from”

Source: cristinaf

Introducing Hogwarts: School for magical squirrels

10. Blurry leaves

Source: OnlyHereForLOLs

Humans – create google earth. Trees – evolve to look pixelated to preserve their privacy

11. Potato that’s shaped like a pear

Source: attaariba

A cute peartato

12. Tree looks like straight-up broccoli

Source: Bdogg242

Correction: That broccoli is as big as a tree

13. This watermelon looks like it has tongues

Source: Unknown

“His and hers”

#14 Cute, round… mushroom

Source: gigazine

#15 The inside of these trees:

Source: 4rch7ek; molehillmilk

So cool

#16 “I never knew fruit could show such expression!”

Source: rawrtherapy

They look like Adventure Time characters

#17 Tomato on the outside, strawberry on the inside

Source: Unknown

It’s a strawmato

18. Walked outside today morning and saw this:

Source: ronaldplett

Just the cat and its new cult

19. Moth with a chicken face on its back

Source: SenorPeligro

It looks like Olaf from Frozen too

20. Nature censored this safety sign at work

Source: cukorbogyo

Lotta bush here

21. Can you guess what kind of shape this strawberry is?

Source: huffpost

“It would be nice if it grew a bit bigger.” – said the strawberry farmer

22. This carrot:

Source: Pinterest

I wonder if it smells… like a smelly foot carrot.

23. Mother rock and her baby:

Source: Unknown

These are rocks. But they look like a child being breastfed by her mother. Can you see it?

24. Apple print inside an apple tree

Source: pikabu

Looks like Mother Nature is trying to cash in and get some Apple stock. Or maybe she was trying to make her own laptop?

25. Tiramisu desert

Source: pikabu

This photo was taken in the Algerian desert. It was snowed in the desert and then got covered with sand.

26. The rain turned this yard into a Van Gogh painting:

Source: ericb303

If grass were always like this, there would be no need to cut it

27. Pull up the carpeting

Source: thisisnotmyfault

Mother Nature got sick of her grass carpeting so she pulled it up!

28. This rock looks like a unicorn drinking water.

Source: Pinterest

Unicorn rock!

29. Glowing butt bug (aka firefly)

Source: pikabu

Light up our summer skies, from their tiny butts.

30. For sale: 1 erotic eggplant

Source: g1

Is that an eggplant you’re selling, or are you just glad to see me?

Which photo impressed you the most? Share with us in the comments section below!