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10 Times Movie Characters Did Irrational Things That Made Us Yell At The Screen

Making a movie is never an easy job. It might take several with a long and difficult process, and most importantly a crew of dedicated people working together. They are a film crew, including writers, producers, directors, and actors, who certainly want to bring us something really awesome.

Every film crew shares that ultimate purpose and they’re trying to give us the best version of their movies, which is considered to be perfect at every single detail. But, despite all of the attention, mistakes are still unavoidable, and certainly, attentive movie viewers never ignore them. If the filmmakers can’t avoid them, they need to reduce them. But we believe some people don’t mind if there are mistakes or bloopers in the movies. Because when the movies are so clean, there are no more entertaining topics like this!

Anyway, we all understand that if it hadn’t been for these irrational decisions, some of our favorite movies wouldn’t have ever existed. Still, as we said before, just keep complaining and enjoying!

#1 Peter Parker, Spider-Man: No Way Home

Source: © Spider-Man: No Way Home / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

The synopsis of the most recent Spider-Man movie is this: the whole world knows who Spider-Man is, that’s why Peter faces so much publicity and everyone assumes Mysterio’s death is his fault. There are official charges against him, but he still looks like a bad guy in the public eye. This is why he and his friends can’t get into college.

To fix the situation, Peter asked Steven Strange to do it so people forget who Spider-Man is. But “people” means his friends and family who forget about him too. And he asks Steven to do a spell, which leads to a lot of trouble later. All this stuff could have been avoided if Peter had contacted the management of the university, but he never even attempted.

#2 Amy Dunne, Gone Girl

Source: © Gone Girl / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

Amy Dunne is one of the smartest, most dangerous characters out there, who is willing to push boundaries to achieve her goals. Everything she does in the movie is well thought out and almost everything goes as her will. She convinces everyone that she isn’t just gone, but probably dead and that it was her husband’s fault.

But while the whole country was looking for her and the story on national television, she lives in a camp and hasn’t even changed her appearance. Certainly, she’s found and people make her give all the money to them because she couldn’t call the police. Then we wonder why someone who could come up with such a genius plan would do such a silly thing.

#3 Evelyn Abbott, A Quiet Place

Source: Paramount Pictures / EastNews

The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world with monsters that want to find anything alive and kill it. Although the monsters are blind, they can detect a person by sound.

But despite the danger, Emily Blunt’s character became pregnant and gave birth. Certainly, that puts the whole family in danger because the baby can’t just shut up and not cry.

#4 Dewey Riley, Scream (2022)

Source: © Scream / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

The fifth installment of the series is released in 2022. The film follows the events that occur 25 years after the story in the original Scream. Once again, there is a mysterious person in a mask who is hunting the teenagers. And here we go again, all the main characters of the series decide to find out what was going on.

Dewey turns into the victim of a new stranger. But his ending looks really weird: instead of dealing with the bad guy from distance, Dewey gets very close to him and allows him to attack him with a knife.

#5 Bella Swan, Twilight

Source: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

The Twilight series, which rotates around the love story of an ordinary girl, Bella, and a vampire, Edward, has a lot of fans of different ages. But despite the popularity of these films, the series is often criticized for its plot holes and lousy acting. And some of the characters’ decisions are, in fact, quite odd.

But the strangest thing may be Bella’s behavior when Edward reveals to her that he’s the world’s deadliest predator, made for one thing. Against her better judgment, Bella doesn’t panic or run away. Instead, she claims it doesn’t matter to her!

#6 Jay and Paul, It Follows

Source: © It Follows / Northern Lights Films and co-producers

The 2014 movie, It Follows, tells the story of a creature that follows humans to harm them. It follows people who have close connections with the previous victim.

This creature has no physical body and can look like anyone. But a group of students, who are followed by the creature, decided to kill it in an unusual way – by luring it into the pool and throwing an electrical device into the water. This seems to be the most illogical scene – how can something without a body be harmed? And the creators seem to agree: creatures don’t disappear.

#7 Rachel, The Ring

Source: © The Ring / Dreamworks Pictures and co-producers

The Ring is a Hollywood horror movie, remaking the Japanese original. There is a tape that, when viewed, leads to serious consequences. This is why it’s hard to talk about silly character decisions because that’s what the plot is based on. Still, they are still strange.

It’s not easy to believe that people will find a tape with deadly stories on it and then just watch it. And Rachel leaves the tape around where a child had access.

#8 Mark, Midsommar

Source: © Midsommar / Nordisk Film and co-producers

Midsommar is one of the most disturbing horror films of recent years, telling the story of a group of students who travel to Sweden for an annual celebration in the middle of summer. As they drift away from civilization, they realize that they were not in a simple summer festival, but among the followers of a truly strange cult.

Even though their friends are gone, and they find something really upsetting, one of the students, Mark, acts in a very silly way: he defecates a sacred tree and then goes into the woods to follow a girl and never comes back.

#9 Micah, Paranormal Activity

Source: © Paranormal Activity / Blumhouse Productions and co-producers

The 2009 horror film is another pseudo-documentary. The film tells the story of a young couple, Micah and Katie, who move into a new home. At some point, they realize that something strange is going on and Micah places cameras in all the rooms to understand what it is. When they find out it’s a demon, Katie wants to hire a specialist, but her husband refuses and tries to talk to the entity.

Of course, in real life, we know there’s nothing paranormal, but it’s a movie. So why doesn’t Micah, knowing they’re in danger, not try to fix it but instead, do everything to make it worse?

#10 Mike Williams, The Blair Witch Project

Source: © The Blair Witch Project / Haxan Films and co-producers

Blair Witch Project is a pseudo-documentary about two boys and a girl who wants to film a project based on a local legend about a witch. This is why they go to the jungle with all the necessary gear and try to follow a certain path on the map. But after a while, they realized that they were lost.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know that even with a map, they can’t get out of the woods. Still, Mike doesn’t know that. So why would he throw the map away if it could help him find a way out? Certainly, he might be desperate, but he does actually lose the only thing that could make the situation better.